For many of us, outdoor activities come with the occasional hard knock to the noggin — especially if you’re the type of person whose idea of a fun afternoon is, say, going to the top of a mountain and bombing down as fast as humanly possible. If your hobby inevitably entails a fall or two, then it’s important to be proactive about limiting the impact of each one. Fortunately, Giro’s new Manifest Spherical helmet was built with this philosophy in mind — and not only does it offer some of the best head protection of any product on the market; it looks damn good doing so. Find out what makes the Manifest Spherical so unique below.

1. Sphere Factor: The Manifest uses Giro’s Spherical ball-and-socket design, powered by MIPS technology, to redirect impact forces away from the wearer’s brain. With progressive layering, the two layers of dual-density EPS foam rotate around each other in the event of a crash, protecting against both high- and low-speed impacts as well as eliminating contact with hard plastic or slip-planes. There’s a good reason you see so many elite riders with Giros strapped to their gourds — the brand’s Spherical Technology is the cutting edge of head protection.

2. No Sweat: Having a little bulk in your brain-bucket is no big deal on the ski slopes, but there’s nothing worse than dusting off your winter dome-piece for a summer spin and discovering that it’s more effective as a brain-boiler. Keeping a cool head is paramount on the pedals, and the Manifest Spherical boasts the best ventilation of any helmet out there on the dirt. The Roc Loc Trail Air system creates a 3mm gap between the brow of the helmet and the wearer’s forehead, maximizing airflow for a cool, comfortable ride.

3. Look Sharp: No, we’re not referring to the fact that the Manifest Spherical looks like the kind of helmet a down-to-earth Batman would wear (although it totally does). We’re talking about the eyewear features built into the helmet’s design — like a bonded rear rubber gripper to lock your goggle strap in place, a moto-style, screw-in POV visor with 15 degrees of adjustability to shade you from the sun, or extended temples with interior notches and under-bridge grippers to hold eyewear in place if sunglasses are more your speed. These may seem like small details, but they speak to a certain attention-to-detail that will not only have you looking sharp, but looking sharply.