Traeger invented the wood pellet grill more than 30 years ago. Now it’s on its way to perfecting it.

The all-new Ironwood and redesigned Timberline and Pro series are all outfitted with features new to the grilling world. “Wifire” tech allows you to control the grill without the need for a shared, local Wi-Fi connection — this means you could throw a pork butt on the grill, run to the grocery store to pick up all the sides you forgot and monitor internal temperature, ambient temperature and smoke levels the whole time.

Traeger’s D2 Direct Drive is a new pellet-pushing mechanism that allows for the production of blue smoke (the good, thin smoke you want when grilling) at a wider temperature range. It also hastens the longer pre-heat times associated with pellet grilling, a common complaint from new wood pellet grill owners.

For newcomers, wood pellet grills work by way of an auger pushing tiny hardwood pellets into flames. Traeger’s grills can be set anywhere between 165 and 500 degrees for hours on end. The result of this is a grill that’s able to operate as both a highly precise smoker and a traditional grill, using natural woodsmoke to bring more flavor than a gas grill ever could.

Traeger’s new and updated grills are available online through its site and at select retailers across the country.

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