Verdict: in 1959, Omega released the Speedmaster CK 2889, which became the first Speedmaster worn in space when astronaut Walter Schirra wore one during the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission in 1962. This year, Omega saw fit to introduce a new limited edition piece inspired by that watch, and the result is almost perfect.

The new CK 2889 Pulsometer Limited Edition has the same hand-winding chronograph movement as the standard Speedmaster professional, but its case is shrunk from the Professional’s 42mm size down to 39.5mm, a nod to the smaller case sizes of the early Speedmasters. Interestingly the watch gets a black-on-white panda dial colorway. This isn’t a design nod to the original CK 2889, but it is a welcome addition nonetheless and gives the new watch its own personality. A design detail that is a nod to the CK 2889 is the inclusion of the sword-like “Alpha” hand design. The watch also gets a pulsometer in place of the standard Professional’s tachymeter scale, a reference to the fact that four different bezel scales (including a pulsometer) were originally offered on the CK 2889.

Who It’s For: Think about it this way: it’s a 40mm version of an iconic watch with a hand-winding movement and a panda dial. It’s about as perfectly in line with watch nerd tastes as a watch can get, so expect all 2,889 pieces to be quickly snatched up by the hardcore watch enthusiasts.

Key Features: Panda dial. Downsized case. Hand-winding chronograph movement.

Size: 39.5mm

Movement: Omega Calibre 1861

Release Date: Late April, 2018

Price: $5,850

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