While your helmet is the most essential piece of gear you put on before throwing a leg over a motorcycle and is indeed worth investing a little more in, it’s hard for the average rider to justify coughing up $1,600 for a lid that’s not even custom. Fortunately, AGV is currently, having a massive sale on Revzilla where you can get said $1,600 helmet on sale for $800. The downside is if you’re not a Ducati owner or an Andrea Iannone fan, it’ll look a bit out of place.

For the rest of us, however, we’re in luck because not only can you get the standard Pista GP R Carbon Gran Premio Helmet for the same price and save $600, but the rest of the helmets on sale will save you around $200 each. Helmets like AGV’s AX-8 adventure line and the GT Veloce street-oriented models are all closing in on 50% off. So if you don’t want a top-of-the-line MotoGP-grade race helmet, there are more than enough options at different price points that are sure to satisfy your daily protection needs. Since there is a handful to choose from, we combed through and picked out a few of our favorites. Of course, the Pista GP R Carbon Gran Premio made the cut, purely because how damn overkill it is.

AX-8 EVO Naked Karakum Helmet by AGV $380 $200

K5 S Enlace Helmet by AGV $450 $230

GT Veloce Helmet by AGV $560 $280

AX-8 DS Carbon Fury Helmet by AGV $550 $330

GT Veloce Gravity Helmet by AGV $600 $330

Pista GP R Carbon Gran Premio Helmet by AGV $1,400 $800
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