Next to setting a drip timer the night before, using a French press is perhaps the easiest way to brew coffee at home — until the creation of the American Press. Like its European counterpart, the American Press uses a carafe and plunger system to infuse hot water and ground coffee — it also works with loose leaf tea — but its unique design makes it more like an espresso machine than a traditional coffee press.

In the American Press system, coffee grounds are contained in a reusable pod that also acts as the plunger. As it’s pressed down into a filled carafe, the water is forced up through the grounds and coffee emerges from the other end. This creates more pressure at the point of brewing than a traditional French press, which means much better saturation and a more robust and flavorful cup. As a bonus, the pod keeps used grounds contained, so the American Press is easy to clean too (which can count for a lot on rushed mornings before work).

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