The premise behind Kickstarter’s most interesting new coffee brewer is very simple: crema, the frothy bubbles sitting atop cups of coffee and espresso, is the source of a lot of bitterness, and to remove this crema would be to reveal the sweetest, brightest cup of coffee. Period.

FrankOne is the first coffee brewer ever designed and made in Colombia, one of the world’s most famous coffee-growing regions, and it works by setting the device on top of a mug or larger cup, filling it with coffee grounds, pouring the appropriate volume of water in, putting the top on and letting it rip. More technically, it’s a bit like an automatic Aeropress, which, for the uninitiated, forces water through the grinds, rather than simply pouring or dripping it onto them. The primary difference being the Aeropress requires one to push by hand, where the FrankOne does this electronically.

Many of today’s new brewers are updates on older brewing methods — a la Kalita’s December Dripper, Fellow’s Pour Over or the wealth of typical drip machines that arrive every year — but FrankOne is a legitimately new take on the coffee brewer. It shares similarities with an Aeropress, yes, but works electronically (making it much easier to use), is extremely fast (it allegedly reaches Gold Cup Standard in 30 seconds) and utilizes a patented vacuum technology that, if all works as it’s labeled, creates an entirely unique final cup.

The FrankOne’s Kickstarter funding launched about a month ago, and today is the last chance to back it and receive a modest $30 off the price it will retail at launch ($70).