There are many makers of good kitchen knives in the world and there comes a moment when investing in something that’ll last longer (and perform better) than Victorinox’s dirt cheap, internet-famous chef’s knife or Wustof’s similarly affordable option is wise. These options will be more expensive, but what you get for the money is clearer than day: superior materials (in the blade and handle), construction and design.

Knife steel can’t be compared or stratified on a simple step graph — there’s carbon and stainless steel, and many levels and variations within that. But finding knives that suits you often comes down to asking yourself if you prioritize top-end performance or easier maintenance.

Zwilling is one of those makers of very good kitchen knives, and its knives lean toward the latter. They are stainless steel (the exact mixture is proprietary, sadly), mostly stain and corrosion resistant and keep an edge pretty well (I’ve used this 5.5-inch Santoku knife for more than a year without chips or dulling). Today, a whole lot of them are discounted around 60 to 65 percent off.

Why? These knives, for the most part, are ugly. That is to say they’ve been marked as “visually imperfect” and thus sold way below the SRP. Zwilling assures that this won’t be a problem: “Product may have minor visual imperfections or a damaged box. Though this will not affect the product’s performance.” A whole host of blade sizes and styles are available in the clearance area, and we’ve picked some of the best below.

5.5-inch Santoku by Zwilling $163 $60

Paring Knife by Zwilling $75 $40

6-Inch Utility Knife by Zwilling $125 $50

Serrated Knife by Zwilling $88 $40
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