Ah, the kitchen grater. Bane of my fingertips existence and in constant need of babying and rust removal. You can get them wet, but not that wet. If they’re that wet they’ll begin oxidizing, flash rust will appear and soon enough you’ll have a blad that is completely food unsafe. But, given a decent grater won’t cost you more than $10 or $15, we live with it and carry on. No more — if you’re tired of cheap graters (it also works as a peeler), this is among the best kitchen graters to consider.

This crowdfunded grater is made of a single piece of titanium, and as excessive as that sounds (and it is), there are benefits unique to the material applied to this specific task. One, among the largest issues with your typical grater is multi-piece construction and impossible to clean grate space — the blade occasionally is hung from a small bar that’s attached to a handle of some sort. This creates avenues for fluid and food particles to wedge themselves into and become potentially hazardous. The single piece design of this grater eliminates that issue; the blade doesn’t swivel and slide around, it’s fixed. This also makes it easier and safer to clean without cutting the nub of your thumb. Given this hand grater’s size, it’s also much simpler to clean. Titanium body is also completely dishwasher safe and rust-proof. You can soak this mother for as long as you’re willing to and it won’t pick up rust.

The Titanium Fine Grater is $120, so it’s not coming for a bargain, per se, but it peels damn well and it is a real fix to real kitchen problems.

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