Vero watches is an American watch brand based in Portland that’s doing its level-headed best to produce vital watch parts — like cases and dials –in the United States while paring them with Swiss-made mechanical movements. It only seemed natural, then, that the watch geeks over at Worn & Wound — who’ve dedicated their website to covering some of the most interesting watches of the microbrand market — would work with them on an exclusive collaboration.

And the results, if you’re a watch geek, are fantastic. The new Vero X Worn & Wound 36 Automatic LE starts with a Vero-manufactured 36mm case and adds in a Sellita SW200 automatic movement regulated, according to Worn & Wound, to +/- 5 seconds per day. Matching the old-school case design and size is the dial, which features vintage calling-cards like a two-tone dial — brushed silver and matte black — with a crosshair design at the center and Arabic numerals at twelve, three, six and nine o’clock. Ultimately, the duo did a fantastic job of creating an homage to an era of watchmaking without feeling derivative.

The watch is, as you’ve probably guessed, a limited edition, with only 33 examples being made. It’s available to order from Worn & Wound right now for $1,180.