Wood cutting boards are a weirdly divisive product category. People bicker about edge-grain vs. end-grain boards, and whether maple, cedar or bamboo makes for a superior cutting surface. Some, meanwhile, say to forgo them altogether in favor of their plastic counterparts — citing the heightened importance of frequent cleaning with wood boards.

Instead of wading into the swamp of cutting board arguments, get this one by John Boos for way less than normal. It’s a made in America cutting edge-grain bamboo cutting board — meaning it was made with the width of the bamboo board as the cutting surfaces. It will last longer than end-grain cutting boards of the same material, and if you can’t take our word for it, take the much more definitive word of Cook’s Illustrated, who wrote, “The end-grain models in our lineup began to warp—and eventually split—after just a few rinses in the sink. The edge-grain boards, on the other hand, showed no evidence of warping.”

John Boos bamboo cutting board usually sells for about $130 — today, it’s only $84.

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