When two different industry-leading apparel brands collaborate, there’s a wealth of potential for exceptional and innovative products. Take, for instance, the new collection created by Slowear and Nanamica. Slowear — the Venetian collection of brands specializing in quality, tasteful wardrobe staples — brings a portfolio of refined tailored silhouettes to the table. On the other hand, Nanamica, which is headquartered in Tokyo, specializes in minimalist technical garments that espouse the function of outdoor garments with the wearability of everyday styles.

The brands’ complementary strengths came together in a seven-piece collection made up of outerwear, trousers, a hat and a bag. The classic styles championed by Slowear are given a materials upgrade with Gore-Tex and weatherproof shuttle-woven fabrics designed to be worn all day without wrinkling or losing shape. Nanamica’s focus on versatility — both in color palette and design — is on display throughout the collection, and the breathable, thermo-insulating garments are designed for transitional fall weather.

In this collection, you get the best of both Italian tailoring and Japanese innovation. Prices start at $180 for a Gore-Tex hat and top out at $1,400 for a Gore-Tex Travel Coat. It’s not inexpensive, but with each piece, you get what you pay for: the best of two brands in a single product.

Gore-Tex Baseball Hat by Slowear x Nanamica $180

Technical Fabric Trousers by Slowear x Nanamica $450

Padded Wool Vest by Slowear x Nanamica $520

City Backpack by Slowear x Nanamica $690

Padded Down Jacket by Slowear x Nanamica $730

Technical Fabric Jacket by Slowear x Nanamica $950

Travel Coat in Gore-Tex by Slowear x Nanamica $1,400