Often unacknowledged by those already into specialty coffee, getting into coffee is intimidating. Before I made the leap myself I was making pots of coffee for its expressly utilitarian, caffeine-consuming purpose. From the outside looking in, I saw all of the gadgets as complex, uninviting and needlessly tedious. It’s widely understood that the best cups of coffee come from a steady-handed pour-over technique, but the all-popular Chemex looks a whole lot like an 8th-grade science experiment and I’ve put a firm mental blocked that time of my life. Instead, I found Hario’s compact, beautifully simple and very affordable V60 dripper.

Though coffee nerds will shame me for this, there isn’t much difference between the pour-over devices themselves. I sought out one that wasn’t going to swallow up half a cabinets-worth of space and was sturdy enough to stand up to my clumsy nature. That’s what the V60 is. Place it atop your mug, stick a V60 filter in and pour hot (but not boiling) water over the coffee in little circles. Boom — you’re now drinking better coffee than most people you know, and using a device some of the best baristas in the world use.

The main difference between Hario’s stowable dripper and, say, a Chemex, is mostly in the filter. Each have filters made specifically for them, and they are what makes the difference in the final taste. Where Chemex filters are heavier and more paper-y, Hario’s filters are thin. The Hario filters don’t need to be soaked before brewing like the Chemex’s do, and because of its ultra-thin makeup, they keep more of a coffee bean’s original flavor intact. Perhaps the best part of this whole spiel, the Hario V60 is on sale today for a mere $15, also known as the price you’ll pay for lunch today. Happy dripping.

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