Detractors of the cast-iron skillet cite numerous minor issues with the time-tested pan: it heats slowly, its prone to hot spots, it’s heavy and so on. But cast-iron cookware’s greatest weakness isn’t any of those things — it’s pan maintenance. Simply put, seasoning a pan after every few uses isn’t the most practical thing to take on when cooking on a regular basis.

For those not willing to deal with the trouble of seasoning, there’s an in-between option designed just for you — the enameled cast-iron skillet. Enameling is a glassy shell that coats a metal (iron, in this case) and it’s extremely common in the world of Dutch ovens. Basically, enameled iron boasts similar high-heat potential and exceptional insulation to a bare cast-iron skillet, but it can be washed with plenty of soap without worry and doesn’t require seasoning.

Last year, Milo released a high performance, nice-looking and affordable enameled Dutch oven that became one of our favorite product releases of 2018. Now it’s got an enameled cast-iron skillet to go with it. The 6-pound, 10-inch pan is coated in the familiar white coating of the Dutch oven but comes with a different stick-resistant enamel on the cooking surface. The new skillet launched with a slightly smaller Dutch oven, too, and all are now available as a set.

Milo’s offerings aren’t innovations, necessarily — there’s plenty of great enameled skillets and Dutch ovens out there. But the company’s track record thus far is fairly spotless — its wares are priced fairly and work well. If you want to get into cooking with cast iron but don’t want to bother with oil and ovens, this might be worth a look.