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This Camp Grill Is Also a Smoker, a Stove, an Oven and a Water Boiler

What if a grill could accomplish literally everything your home kitchen can? The Aquaforno II almost gets there.

Already well over twice its crowdfunding goal, it feels odd to even call it a grill. It looks like a wood stove and can make anything from pizza to pork butt to a paella. The unit has three stackable levels that perform different functions as you build up. The first is a chamber for your fuel, be it wood or charcoal (a portable gas burner could easily fit in the base), as well as a nifty water boiler — drop a grill grate on top of this section for a compact, high-heat grilling space. The second is a brazier, which can be used for lowing grilling temperatures, putting a skillet on top of or a medium-heat smoke, depending on what sort of fuel you use. The top section, furthest from the heat source, makes for an ideal smoker-oven hybrid. All grates or cooking stones can be adjusted for height within each section.

The Aquaforno II comes in stainless steel ($300 pledge) or carbon steel black ($239), and expects to ship in June.

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