Klokers first came on to the scene via Kickstarter back in 2015, gaining over €600,000 in funding at the time and since then, has become a cult favorite for its inventive take on watch design and time display. One of the brand’s first designs, the Klok-01, introduced the Kloker’s unique rotating disc time display and remains a favorite today. Naturally, the brand has expanded upon that offering with new color options — the latest is this handsome Midnight Blue. The shade is not so much a deep navy, but rather an almost pastel-like grayish blue, an inspired hue that plays well with the rest of the Klok-01’s playful design.

The rest of the watch remains the same. There’s still the same slim 44mm stainless steel case and the same Ronda quartz movement inside, moving the three discs. The watch is available right now with quite a few leather strap colors, and a trio of cheaper textile options, too. It starts at $512 (€438) for the version on textile, while the leather strap adds a $35 (€30) premium.