The latest collection from top-tier Japanese eyewear brand Globe Specs is now available at Self Edge. The brand was founded by Tetsuya Okada as the in-house label for his luxury optical boutique in Tokyo and utilizes industry-leading materials and constructions in its frames. Okada has over three decades of experience in the high-end optical industry and chose to work with Japanese artisans trained in hand-made frame production when developing his own collection.

The brand’s sunglasses feature titanium, Japanese acetate and Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 lenses (with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings). They have hand-beveled edges, adjustable nose-pads and come with a Globe Specs hard case. Though you used to have to travel to Shibuya to pick up a pair, you can now purchase them in the US at Self Edge. Each model retails for just over $400 — pricey, but for a frame of this quality, it’s relatively affordable.

Ethan (Transluscent) by Globe Specs $405

Ethan (Dark Green) by Globe Specs $405

Ethan (Black) by Globe Specs $405

Sullivan by Globe Specs $405

Liam by Globe Specs $405
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