With the release of cheap individual room temperature sensors, Nest, a Google-owned smart home company, just got cooler (or warmer). The new sensors, which retail for $39 each (or 3 for $99), aim to put an end to inadequate single-thermostat temperature readings by monitoring the temperature in each room of your home (the ones you put sensors in, at least). According to Nest, temperatures fluctuate significantly room-to-room, depending on insulation, sunlight and draft. This means your thermostat’s temperature reading isn’t accurately capturing your entire living space, which leads to over-use of the A/C or heat, costing you money all the while. The temperature sensors feed the temperature of each room to Nest’s Thermostats, allowing you to more accurately gauge your home’s temperature.

In tandem with the lock makers at Yale, Nest also released what amounts to a very smart doorbell and lock system that allows you to see when visitors come to your door, speak to them (and they to you) and decide whether to unlock the door, all via your smartphone.

The Temperature Sensors are available for pre-order, and the Nest X Yale Lock is available right now.

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