From Lady White Co.

These New Sweats Are Well Worth the Price

Lady White Co., the Los Angeles-based basics brand responsible for some of the best t-shirts available, recently released its own collection of sweats. As with the tees, the sweats feature top-tier materials and obsessed-over details. They’re made from cotton grown in North Carolina and cut and sewn in L.A. Other details are far more subtle: the crew neck has custom varsity-style ribbing, the quarter zip features a Japanese-made zipper and the hoodie has a unique rectangular pouch pocket.

Each style has a pre-shrunk standard fit, inspired by classic American vintage sweatshirts. Though they’re not inexpensive, they’re designed to wear well over time and stand up to years of use. With that in mind, they’re actually a great value for how much you’ll end up wearing them.

Sweat Pant by Lady White Co. $140

44 Fleece by Lady White Co. $165

LWC Hoodie by Lady White Co. $175

1/4 Zip by Lady White Co. $175