From Sockets to Engine Stands

These Essential Tools For the At-Home Mechanic Are On Sale

Committing to the “at-home mechanic” lifestyle isn’t an all-or-nothing deal; you can take it in phases. Are you sticking to basic maintenance? You probably won’t need more than a decent wrench and socket set. Are you looking to do an engine swap? Well, that requires some more heavy-duty equipment.

But, no matter how deep into the automotive-DIY-life you’re looking to go, there’s a big sale on Jegs performance tools happening on Thursday that’s sure to have you covered in some capacity. We picked out several deals on tools and sets that jumped out at us to help you start parsing through the bargains.

Magnetic Screwdriver set by Jegs $28 $21

123-Piece Carry Case Tool Set by Jegs $52 $34

Welded Steel 6-Ton Jack Stands by Jegs $46 $38

Creeper & Air Seat Set by Jegs $90 $75

Rotating Engine Stand by Jegs $235 $206
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