Certain fashion items are so ubiquitous now that we never really consider exactly why they were created in the first place — even when the item is literally named after its customer. Aviator sunglasses were made for military pilots because flying a fighter jet with the sun in your eyes is very obviously problematic. That’s why aviators exist — as for who makes them, Randolph Engineering has been making its HGU-4/P Aviator sunglasses for USAF pilots for the last 40 years, so we’re a ways past “tried and tested” by now. Each pair is handcrafted in the USA with SkyTec performance lens technology, designed to protect a pilot’s vision and, in the case of this 23K gold pair with Cape Sand lenses, their style, too. Plus, they come in 3 sizes so you can find your perfect fit, and there’s even an option for custom engraving in case you want to add a personal touch.

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