California-based designer Yuki Matsuda has a penchant for well-made products. Born in Osaka, Japan, Matsuda moved to the US when he was 18 years old and immersed himself in the world of vintage clothing. He bought and sold products at the Rose Bowl market and eventually tapped some of the best craftspeople on the continent to produce some of his own designs. Matsuda works with traditional bootmakers in Maine for his footwear brand Yuketen and collaborates with artisans in Mexico for his knitwear brand Chamula. Monitaly — the clothing brand that Matsuda started in 1995 — riffs on classic American designs like military gear, Baja hoodies and parkas, and is made in America.

When Matsuda wanted to expand into bags and backpacks, he encountered Epperson Mountaineering, the heritage bag brand founded by Mark Epperson in 1973. With a wealth of history to draw on, Matsuda began to offer a range of well-made throwback mountaineering bags under the Epperson name. Made in Montana, the bags utilize industry-standard Cordura, YKK zippers and mountaineering-spec cording.

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