Humism sticks out from the crowd of Kickstarter-launched watch brands by its use if “kinetic art” on the watch dial: by utilizing an automatic movement in concert with two to three rotating discs, company founder David Sze has created the effect of a dynamic, “blooming” piece of artwork that lives on the wrist.

The minute and hour discs each feature a small dot that revolves around the dial and indicates the time, while the movement of the seconds hand interacts with the concentric discs that formulate the bulk of the dial’s design, causing the “kinetic art” to move. The effect is reminiscent of viewing a kaleidoscope in motion, and though conceptually simple, makes for a beautiful effect without the need for a custom, in-house movement.

There are currently three models available, each of which features a different dial design, but otherwise has common features: a 39mm stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, Seiko NH35A automatic movement, Italian leather strap with quick-release spring bars and a sapphire case back (other watch bands are available at $40 each). Best of all, pricing for these automatic watches is only $298, with 5% of each sale currently going to “The Red Pencil,” a non-profit that uses arts therapy to help those suffering from emotional trauma.

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