Damn Good Shoes

These $560 Leather Travel Shoes Are Worth Every Penny

On more than one occasion in recent memory, we here at Gear Patrol have waxed almost poetic about Viberg’s shoes, sneakers and slip-ons — and that’s because they’re really, really good. The Canadian bootmaker has been turning out some of the world’s best footwear for over 80 years. Its latest release, a one-off produced for the Seattle-based retailer Division Road, is no exception.

This special edition of Viberg’s excellent slipper — one of our favorite travel shoes — is crafted by hand from a rich, natural Italian leather. It’s made with a Goodyear welt construction, meaning it can be re-soled, and features a dovetail heel for added durability. That combination means the shoes will acquire a little patina with every wear, and you’ll have them long enough to watch it deepen to a rich unique color.

While their $560 asking price might feel steep to some, handmade shoes this beautifully constructed are a rare thing in this world. And because their mainline cousins go for $540, paying an extra $20 for a version that will only get better looking with age feels almost like a bargain.