When it comes to affordable vintage road bikes, Trek reigns supreme. The brand made tons of quality steel and aluminum road bikes in the USA before moving most of the production overseas. Its road bikes made from steel and aluminum are a great purchase, but by no means are they the only option. Bianchi frames (as well as many other Italian bike makers), can be found for cheap on the used market and maintain their quality like no other. We scoured the web to bring you seven great options for a vintage road bike, all under $500.

Additional contribution by Meg Lappe.

Trek 500

Though a bit big (63.5CM), if this bike fits you, it’s a great buy. Maillard hubs and Sakai cranks are just two of the features that make it worth the money.

1984 Trek 660

A bike from the era when Trek was still making most of its bikes in the US. A mix of Campy and Shimano parts paired with Reynolds steel tubes oozes classic performance.

Trek 500

Another excellent example of a Trek 500. Built from Reynolds 531 tubing, this Tri Series version features a classic Trek paint scheme.

Bianchi Celeste

No one does vintage road bikes like the Italians, and it doesn’t get much better than this Bianchi. It features the brand’s classic mint colorway and a Shimano 105 groupset.

Bianchi Gipiemme Turbo Super Classic

Columbus steel is about as good as it gets, particularly when paired with a Bianchi head badge.

Trek 1500

According to the seller, this bike was restored to near-pristine condition. It features True Temper T2 steel tubing and a Shimano 600 groupset.

Trek Aluminum Racing

We may have saved the best for last: A made-in-USA aluminum Trek racing bike. Like others on the list, it features one of Trek’s classic color schemes, but is paired with a unique Suntour groupset and is built from Trek’s own aluminum tubing.

Beginner Road Bikes

If you’re looking to get into road cycling, this is the place to start. You don’t have to spend two full paychecks in order to get a taste of what it’s like to ride on skinny tires. Read the Story