After a day of playing hard, you deserve to rest hard, too. And a chair inspired by the construction of climbing harness fabric and downhill mountain bike frames will help you rest your weary bones like no other camp chair before it.

The Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair is a chair in the way it behaves, but certainly not in the way it’s built. The joints are solid, diehard cast joints, which are similar to those used for truck door hinges. Its Easybreathe Mesh Flexgrid fabric offers a sturdy, yet forgiving seat that can hold up to 500 pounds without losing its shape — something like the weight of some Gear Patrol staff, a skateboard and a mountain bike combined (that’s Associate Videographer Jarry Truong, Associate Designer Hunter Kelly and Associate Staff Writer Will Price to be exact). The frame is also coated with a special UV-resistant paint, helping it withstand saltwater, sunrays and anything else nature can throw at it. The precise attention to durability in places where most folding chairs break down means you can put the Hondo through the paces, and it won’t quit on you.

Not an intended use; do not try this at home.

Weighing 16.5 lbs when empty, the Hondo is ideal for car camping, the beach or anywhere you’re looking for a comfy seat that you can carry — Hondo also has a handle built into the frame so it can easily be hauled to your choice spot for posting up. Of course the makers of some of the most durable coolers wouldn’t skimp in their very first base camp chair.