The Ticwatch Pro is a real gadget for watch lovers. It is the Duracell battery of smartwatches. Whereas many other smartwatches run out of charge in a day or two, the Ticwatch Pro has a unique layered display that excels other smartwatch capabilities.

Also powered by Wear OS of Google, you can rely on it to perform but it will perform for much longer. In fact, one sole charge can have it running for up to a month – a real rarity with technology these days.

So, what is it having for Breakfast then? The secret formulae for such a long charge is its ability to switch displays. It has a Smart Mode where the Wear OS is active with the exceptional OLED display. This setting will give owners two days of use on a single charge but in Essential Mode, the smartwatch can warrant us with a 30-day battery life. The watch’s FSTN display will be the only display in use in this mode but it still offers a range of features such as heart-rate monitoring, date, step counting and of course, the time.

What is really cool is you can set the watch up to automatically shift from Smart Mode to Essential Mode when running low. This will give you another three days of charge before having to scratch your head and remember where you left your rarely-used charger.

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