At Gear Patrol, one of the most important pieces of gear we pack is a pair of sneakers. Whether you’re the type to workout on vacation, are a sneakerhead or fall somewhere in between, sneakers have become a must-have packing list item as opposed to something that’s relegated to the sad list of ‘if I have space.’

While our sneaker picks are just as diverse as our EDC items and boot-favorites, there are some commonalities — among them a particular style of Vans. Here are 10 of our favorite sneakers we always pack when traveling.

Freewaters Tall Boy Trainer Knit

“Freewaters is a small brand that you probably haven’t heard of, but despite that its Tall Boy Trainer has quickly endeared itself to me and become my favorite travel shoe. I first wore them on a jaunt down to the Bahamas that included a charter flight in a Cessna 402B that turned me green. Since then, I’ve worn them on virtually every trip I take by air. They look great, are comfortable and if I need to sprint through the terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson, they can handle that too.” — AJ Powell, Assistant Editor

Adidas I-5923

“I don’t know why they changed the name from Iniki to a boring serial number, but these guys are my travel sneakers because they’re supremely lightweight and airy. The upper is a stretchy mesh that allows air to flow nicely through the toes, and the Boost sole makes for a particularly slipper-like walk. Hot tip: they go on sale often — wait for the sale.” — Will Price, Associate Staff Writer

APL Techloom Phantom

“Whenever I travel, I live in athleisure for as long as humanly possible. These are my favorite sneakers to bring along on my journeys because they are light, slip on and off easily and are very stylish. They can be worn for walking through airports, outdoor excursions, the gym or basically anywhere. The rose gold color brings the chic level up a notch as well.” — Aliza Diliberti, Senior Account Executive

Vans Slip-On

“I don’t have a go-to travel shoe per se — my trips are varied and tend to call for specific footwear — but these make an appearance in most cases. They’re quite lightweight and minimal, so I don’t mind throwing them into my duffel even if the chances of wearing them are low. They’re also easy-on, easy-off (good for letting the piggies breath on long flights) and the all-black colorway is subtle enough to wear as a casual dress-up option. They’re only $50 too, which is nigh unbeatable.” — Tanner Bowden, Associate Staff Writer

Nike Epic Reacts

“For me, the Epic Reacts are the perfect travel shoe. Lightweight, comfy, stylish and most importantly – easy to take on and off at security. It’s also an incredibly versatile shoe – throw them on with a nice outfit or for a grueling 10-mile training run. I picked up this pair on the original release date and have been rocking them ever since, both on and off the plane.” — Brenden Clarke, Social Media Coordinator

Sabah Camel/Teal

“Years ago, my cousin introduced me to these “reimagined” Turkish slippers. Since then, I’ve bought several pairs for my friends and family. They’re phenomenal summer shoes: simple, comfortable, unique. I can’t remember the last time I wore sandals.” — Tucker Bowe, Staff Writer

Vans Classic Slip-On

“I’m not fancy or well-traveled enough for Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check, which means I kinda have to take my shoes off (and then struggle to put them back on in a rush while trying to keep an eye on my laptop and toiletries) every time I go through airport security. Being able to almost literally hop into and out these deeply comfortable Vans Slip-Ons makes them perfect for that function, and their enduring status as an affordable staple shoe means they go with virtually everything else in my closet.” — Justin Fenner, Senior Associate Editor

Allbirds Wool Runners

“These are, I believe, the only answer that makes any sense. They’re very lightweight and since they’re wool, they pack down to almost nothing. They’re affordable and extremely comfortable (these are the only sneakers I’ve ever worn barefoot). They’re great when it’s warm, great when it’s cool, great on a plane or in a car or if you’re walking for long distances or whatever. It should be noted that Allbirds have caught flak for being the Tech Bro’s footwear of choice, and I, frankly, could not give less of a crap – and nor should you. They’re excellent. (Full disclosure: I own and wear the Runners, but I currently have Allbird’s Wool Loungers on my shopping list because they actually seem like the perfect city and travel shoe.)” — Nick Caruso, Associate Editor

The Etnies Scout

“The Scout is extremely light and durable. The STI Foam mid and outsoles offer good support for a lightweight mesh shoe. They also breathe well, making them solid in warm, wet and even cold weather. Versatility is the name of the game in a travel shoe. I’m currently on my second pair of the Scouts and they get along anywhere I take them.” — Ryan Brower, Content Producer, Gear Patrol Studios

Adidas Speedfactory AM4NYC Shoes

“When I travel, I have to bring a pair of sneakers that I can take for a run and walk around town, but don’t look like I’m walking around in my running sneakers. This pair of Adidas kicks from the Speedfactory line are all black, which means they won’t get dirty whether it rains or I run through a particularly dusty trail. I’m a big fan of the Boost cushioning, whether I’m running five miles or walking ten; my feet still feel cozy and supported after all-day wear.” — Meg Lappe, Staff Writer

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