Few companies can say it helped initiate and pioneer a booming, multi-billion dollar industry. That industry is the ever-popular wine of the month club. And Gold Medal Wine Club is one company leading the way from the get-go.

Gold Medal Wine Club holds the honor of being the longest running, same-ownership Wine Club in America. After more than 26 years, it has become the backbone and driving force of the industry.

While some wine clubs can struggle with customer retention because of a well-packaged but low-quality product, Gold Medal Wine Club simply delivers high-quality wines from authentic, family-owned wineries that aren’t large enough for big distributors.

Co-founder David Chesterfield explains the model: “Despite competition from new wine clubs offering low-end wines produced from bulk market juice, our philosophy remains one of delivering our members the products of artisan winemakers who have a story to tell. We like to call this ‘delivering authentic value, wrapped in discovery’ and our 400,000+ members have loved it just as we expect our 500,000th member will.”

It’s this straightforward approach that has earned Gold Medal Wine Club a strong reputation and hundreds of 5-star ratings from satisfied customers. Many of those customers have been receiving their wine shipments since the early 90’s. This is a true marker of value, as no one would continue purchasing monthly wine deliveries for 20+ years if they didn’t thoroughly enjoy it.

Gold Medal Wine Club began with just the Gold Wine Club and has since expanded to a total of six club programs ranging from $39 to $179 per shipment and all customizable to fit anyone’s tastes. With the holidays right around the corner, you’ll want to have these six premium wine club options in your back pocket for the wine lover gift of the holidays.

Gold Wine Club

Superb, fascinating wines from some of California’s best small wineries. The biggest and best-value club.

Platinum Wine Club

90+ rated, rare and collectible. Access to absolute masterpieces from winemakers at the pinnacle of their craft.

International Wine Club

Exclusively-imported, fabulous wine from family-owned, international estates from around the world. The gourmet food from the same region is optional.

Garagiste Wine Club

Amazing, authentic, artisan gems. Crafted in small batches by independent winemakers.

Pinot Noir Wine Club

If you love Pinot Noirs, this wine club is a no-brainer. Small production and highly rated.

Diamond Wine Club

Perfection in a glass. 93+ rated, luxury, top-tier wines. This quarterly wine club is the ultimate wine tasting experience.