You know GoPro: it’s responsible for creating the standard for bite-sized, personal cameras tough and petite enough to thrive where traditional cameras don’t. In its latest release, the HERO7 Black, GoPro has taken everything learned from its dedicated consumer base and presented them with the most robust camera yet.

“Early cameras were [based] a lot on gut,” GoPro Senior Director of Product & Lifestyle PR Kelly Baker told Gear Patrol. “We included features that we wanted to use, and in the beginning, that really defined the category. Today, GoPro is more sophisticated in our camera development. We’re using data and market research to learn what customers want and building new features to meet those demands.”

Key Specs

Dimensions: 2.45 W x 1.77 H x 1.30 D (inches)
Processor: GP1 chip
Display: 2-inch touchscreen w/ touch zoom
Video: 4K60fps
Slo-Mo: 8x

To that end, wowing the user is arguably the most important consideration in any GoPro. And that shines through in the HERO7 Black with features and upgrades to create GoPro’s highest benchmark yet. The HERO7 Black provides gimbal-like stabilization through the new development of HyperSmooth. Along with that groundbreaking advancement, the camera continues to provide advantages over smartphones with its rugged underwater capabilities, expands on Voice Control, and provides intuitive tools for creating with SuperPhoto and a one-of-a-kind live streaming ability.

HyperSmooth Stabilization

Insider Note: “The algorithms and processing we developed for stabilization are beyond anything in the realm of our [previous] cameras. Taking a $300 gimbal performance and baking that into the camera itself changes the game for not only for us but for the industry as a whole.” — Nick Gilmour, GoPro Director of Product Management

Working off its own processor (GP1) for the second camera in a row, GoPro was able to leverage the platform it built by doubling the memory of the HERO6 Black to release a stabilization that mimics a gimbal grip. These algorithms correct for camera shake to deliver insanely smooth video (say goodbye to shaky videos forever). That means if you use a GoPro when running, riding a bike, or doing anything that can cause camera shake, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The new stabilization is also utilized impressively in the TimeWarp feature, giving users the ability to create steady time-lapse videos while moving about a scene. TimeWarp allows you to capture longer activities and compress the video into short and shareable clips. By leveraging HyperSmooth tech, TimeWarp gives you a super smooth, sped-up video that’s easy to share.

Waterproof and Ruggedness

Insider Note: “There are a few elements that make GoPro DNA. First and foremost, you can take it anywhere on any adventure. We do a bunch of quantifiable testing to validate things like its ability to withstand submersion in water or exposure to heat and cold. We test it beyond what we’re claiming just to make sure these things are just bulletproof and to know that whatever a customer is doing with it, it’ll make it.” — Nick Gilmour

GoPro has long been known for its waterproof capabilities, and that continues in the HERO7 Black. It provides waterproofness down to 33 feet (10 meters) without a housing, making it a camera you never have to worry about failing on you in any environment.

Before joining the team at GoPro, Product Marketing Manager Jeremy Hendricks was a Green Beret in US Army Special Forces commanding a HALO team. Coincidentally, he was doing product testing for the HERO3+, taking it on 20,000-foot, high altitude, oxygen landings, and missions. As Jeremy told Gear Patrol, “You know if you see your GoPro go flying that it’s going to be fine. It can take a beating.”

Voice Control

Insider Note: “A big part of the GoPro experience is allowing users to capture moments using voice commands. You can literally talk to your camera and tell it what to do, like, ‘GoPro take a photo’ or ‘GoPro start recording.’ It’s very intuitive and allows you to stay in the moment during capture, rather than worrying about pressing a button to start and stop.” — Nick Gilmour

The capabilities of GoPro Voice Control have expanded considerably since it was first introduced in the HERO5 cameras. HERO7 Black responds to 15 different voice commands in 14 languages and even different accents for English. Voice commands allow for easy, intuitive use of the HERO7 Black and make the experience hands-free — something you can’t achieve with your smartphone.

Voice commands also allow you to keep your eye on the action and stay in the moment, without having to worry about changing modes or settings. HERO7 Black will respond to simple commands to help you start and stop recording, change capture modes, add HiLight Tags and power off the camera — all without needing to press any of the camera’s buttons.


Insider Note: “It’s a tool that automatically applies multi-frame noise reduction, local tone mapping, or HDR to a photo without the customer having to decide which tool to use to give them a much more brilliant, better-looking photo.” — Jeremy Hendricks

SuperPhoto is a new intelligent photo mode that utilizes smart-capture technology to take the best possible photo. All of this is done internally by the camera, analyzing the light and motion in the scene before the photo is taken for automatic optimization. SuperPhoto will also not apply any of these image enhancements if they are not needed for the scene, further emphasizing its photo-taking intelligence.

This becomes even more helpful with Voice Control eliminating the need to see what the camera is doing when you want a photo taken in the heat of the moment. With the ability to shoot in RAW, it means the 12-megapixel photos can compete with point-and-shoots.

Live Streaming and Sharing

Insider Note: “A big priority for us is the journey of the content. Our users are always looking for faster and easier ways to share their photos and videos, and the GoPro app is the perfect tool for that. And now, the live streaming feature of HERO7 Black offers them a new way to instantly share moments.” — Nick Gilmour

The ability to easily share from the HERO7 Black makes use of all the new features to provide an entirely new medium of live streaming that has yet to exist. The HERO7 Black brings vertical photo and video sharing options, allowing for a seamless uploading of content straight to Instagram stories. And when you live stream, a high-resolution video file is saved to the HERO7 Black’s SD card — something your smartphone doesn’t do. GPS overlays are also available through the GoPro app for speed, your course, and more information to help users share everything in the moment.

Add in the hands-free capabilities and the HyperSmooth stabilizing, and GoPro has created an entirely new experience for live streaming that is sure to change the paradigm yet again. One that creative users will find ways even GoPro hasn’t thought of to bring their content to the world.