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The New Western Rise Oxford Is Not Your Dad’s Button-Down




It’s no secret that Western Rise makes some of the best everyday pants out there. So the brand’s launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its new Limitless Merino Wool Oxford Shirt is something that caught our attention.

Western Rise has spent two years researching, developing and testing the Limitless Merino Wool Shirt to ensure it’s up to the highest standards. It blends style and comfort with the benefit of odor resistance, temperature regulation, wrinkle resistance, durability and breathability. That’s thanks to the high-grade Merino wool, which is sourced sustainably from Australian sheep farms and then blended with polyester for a knit fabric that exhibits the best properties of both materials. The result is a slim-yet-classic Oxford button-down that works perfectly in a business setting, but can also stand up to long layovers and airport sprints without batting an eye. To save $20 on the retail price of the Limitless Shirt on Kickstarter, pre-order yours between now and May 15.