Jimmy Chin’s feet regularly take him places most only dream of. Whether the renowned photographer is climbing the tallest peaks of the Himalayas or hiking around the Tetons at home, he needs his gear to perform at the highest level — and that starts from the ground up. Which is why Stance tapped Jimmy to help develop a new Adventure line, pairing the brand’s design know-how with Jimmy’s next-level experience for socks with matchless performance.

“I’m always looking for functionality first in my gear,” Chin told Gear Patrol. “It has to perform well under all conditions. Since footwear and feet are so important in the mountains, I need something that feels good, functions well, protects my feet by keeping them dry, wicking moisture and keeping my feet from blistering.”

Stance designer Christian Schrader worked directly with Jimmy to thread the legendary climber-photographer’s profound knowledge and demands into the Adventure line. “Jimmy was great in the sense he came with a few ideas and concepts and then let us run with it,” Schrader said. “He trusted we know socks — would you question him behind a camera or on a big wall? Me neither, and he really trusted us when it came to the collection, execution and the finished product.”

The line is broken down into three categories based on intended use: Outdoor, Hike and Trek. The Outdoor sock is meant for everyday outdoor use and the Hike collection is best for longer hikes, while the Trek sock has all the bells and whistles meant for big-scale expeditions.

The entirety of the Adventure line utilizes merino wool — the ideal material for warmth and moisture control. “For the Outdoor sock we tapped into our Direct-To-Garment 3D printing,” Schrader said. “It is such an awesome way to bring art and knit together as one. The Hike and Trek styles got finished with our FEEL360 tech to just set the bar that much higher in regards to moisture management, odor control and abrasion resistance — think work truck meets badass sports car for your feet.”

While the Adventure line from Stance is built to stand up to the rigors of Jimmy Chin, he still puts on one sock at a time just like the rest of us. They are tested by Jimmy in the toughest of conditions so that whatever adventures your feet take you on, they’ll outperform your expectations.