Two unlikely sources have gotten into bed, a French fashion designer and a French star in the sporting world. Actually, when you put it like that, it’s not so unlikely is it. Dior Homme and BMX experts Bogarde have teamed up to collaborate on a lavish new bike that will make you either very intrigued or just confused.

It may be a bike, but it is draped in designer features. The product was inspired by the wheel dimensions in motorcross sport with a chrome finish that oozes Dior Homme’s designs. It melts together 80s nostalgia and exclusivity class. First off, if you haven’t already noticed, the bike is Gold. Should we say more or just leave it there…okay we will say a little more. The bike’s an addition of Dior’s current gold capsule range and the gold finish is complemented with calfskin grips and a calfskin seat, premium bike parts, as well as the Dior signature engraved into the handlebars.

With only 100 models available for public purchase, we doubt you will see one at your local skating park any time soon.

See It Here