It’s easy to believe that the analog age is nearing its end, if it hasn’t already. Smart technology has become so ubiquitous, in fact, that wearing an old-school wristwatch can sometimes make the wearer seem, well, old. But some of the oldest designs are actually the smartest — so if the fact that G-SHOCK’s new GWF-A1000 is the first FROGMAN watch with an analog display seems like a nod to the past, know that it’s actually a leap into the future. Find out more about what makes the FROGMAN GWF-A1000 so unique below.

1. A FROGMAN First: The GWF-A1000 is the first FROGMAN watch to feature an analog display, but it’s still an easy read. The oversized hour and minute hands and bold dimensional index allow for improved legibility, while three dual-coil motors enable the hour, minute and world time hands to move rapidly enough for the wearer to toggle seamlessly between modes.

2. Low Weight, Big Strength: The new GWF-A1000 is ISO 200-meter water-resistant with scratch-resistant sapphire glass that’s been treated with a non-reflective coating for improved readability. The watch features a new carbon monocoque case made of carbon-fiber-reinforced resin which integrates the case and case back, bringing all the lightweight properties of resin to an end-product that offers the strength and resiliency of metal.

3. Low-Key Smart: Yes, it’s an analog watch — but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also have the same capabilities as other so-called “smart” watches. The GWF-A1000 pairs easily with your smartphone for various functions like time and settings adjustments, as well as managing dive logs. These logs allow the user to mark dive locations, time, date, number of dives and even attach photos. With Tide Point, the user can select from a preset list of some of the world’s most famous dive points or set their own.