For a pretty big portion of its 70-year history, the Italian shaving brand Proraso has been getting requests from barbers to make hair care and styling products — requests that it consistently and politely declined. The family behind Proraso, the Martellis, have long maintained that because the literal translation of Proraso is “pro shave,” they had an obligation to focus on the hair that comes out of a man’s face, not out of the top of his head.

But that changed last year, when they launched a shampoo and a selection of styling products in Italy under the name Tenax. (The brand was popular in the late ’70s and ’80s, but its former owners let its trademark expire.) This month, they officially brought Tenax to the United States.

The shampoo smells like an ultra-clean blend of eucalyptus and menthol, and each of the styling products features a honey-tobacco scent. The pomades, gel and hair cream are each rated for hold on a scale of one to 10. If you want a slick look, reach for Hair Gel #10. If you want something a little softer that’ll still keep your hair in place, there’s Hair Pomade #8.

You can find Tenax products in a select group of barbershops around the country — or you can order them online. A look at the full lineup below.

Shampoo by Tenax $12

Hair Pomade #8 by Tenax $16

Hair Pomade #10 by Tenax $16

Hair Cream #8 by Tenax $12

Hair Gel #10 by Tenax $12