It’d be easy to call the wake-up-commute-work-commute cycle mundane, but it wouldn’t be true. Even during the longest of weeks, there are moments of beauty to be found, however brief, within the action of a single day. No matter how trivial our choices may seem, how we move through a day is in itself a form of self-expression, and the items that facilitate the process become more than things, they become integral. Here, Gear Patrol staff members share the everyday carry essentials that have done exactly that.

Brenden Clarke, Social Media Coordinator

“When it comes to my daily use items, I’m an all-in-or-fold kind of guy. If I like something, I’ll use it until I can’t anymore — and then I’ll buy another one. I’m a fan of simplicity, ease and reliability. My Porter coin pouch is fantastic — large enough to fit the essential cards and some cash yet small enough to stay concealed and light in my pocket. The Bic Cristal — to this day, it’s my stalwart go-to, an absolute joy to write with — no smearing, vibrant color and what seems like a never-ending ink cartridge. Oh, and they cost less than a dollar. Playing Cards? Yeah, I know. Are they necessary every day? Yes. There are a plethora of things you can do with some cards, and these Copags are quality.”

Airpods by Apple $159
Coin Case by Porter $75
Cristal Xtra Smooth Pens by BIC $7 (10-pack)
Spearmint Gum by Trident $10 (12 packs)
Finley Esq. Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples $385
Transit Issue Keychain by Apolis $28
Playing Cards by Copag $16 (2 decks)

Ali Carr Troxell, Managing Editor

“Having a multiple-hour commute that starts as the sun crests the horizon means I have to have systems in place. First, I start with a backpack that fits my body well and has dedicated pockets for things like my work laptop and smaller items (like my must-have mint-infused lip balm). Next, comes my wallet — Shinola’s is high-quality enough that it won’t bust no matter how much I shove it in-and-out of my bag and it holds everything I need. I’m never without sunglasses — polarized polycarbonate lenses make it easy to wear these from the car to the trail to the bike, and they never feel heavy throughout the day. I’m also never without a water bottle. You might call my pick self-promotional, but I’m a water bottle snob; I’ve tried over a hundred styles and none is as enjoyable to chug (credit the mid-size mouth opening) nor as easy to carry.”

Remmy 49 Polarized Sunglasses by Raen $170
Cubik Small Blended Grey Backpack by Pinqponq $160
Zip Continental Wallet by Shinola $295
Vacuum Insulated Bottle by Gear Patrol x Miir $32
Beeswax Lip Balm with Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E by Burt’s Bees $4

Nick Caruso, Associate Editor

“I strongly dislike carrying things. If it doesn’t fit in my pocket, I’m not sold — the Kindle is a stretch, but barely meets my criteria. I’m also a creature of habit, so I don’t change my EDC very often. It’s all got to be durable and functional — and, hey, if I can easily open a beer bottle like the slick SOB I am, all the better.”

Note Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy $90
Titanium Key Ring by Grovemade $79
Kindle Paperwhite by Amazon $120
Data Traveler USB Drive by Kingston Digital $6
Vault iPhone Case by Caseology $15

Will Price, Associate Staff Writer

“I’m frequently lost, and not one who handles it very well, hence a book to choose where I should eat and drink in my newly-adopted neighborhood — a book that is literally about the value of getting a bit lost. I also carry my grandfather’s silver St. Christopher pendant, who is literally the saint of making sure people don’t get too lost. You could even say my Bitter Southerner membership card is a sign of my directional ineptitude, and I wouldn’t argue — what is someone who went to school in a Southeast Georgia town that prides itself on gnats and its extraordinary level of sadness doing in Brooklyn? On top of losing my bearings regularly, I enjoy compact carry where I can get it — hence the very clever keyring and the best coffee mug money can buy.”

OrbitKey 2.0 by OrbitKey $40
St. Christopher Medal by All Patron Saints $89
On Trails by Robert Moor $9
Brooklyn Mom & Pop by Herb Lester Associates $16
The Bitter Southernor Membership by The Bitter Southernor $25+
Ember Travel Mug by Ember $150

Andy Frakes, Editorial Assistant

“While I might appear to be very high-low in my EDC decisions, everything I carry is pretty much the best version (in my opinion) of itself. And that’s got nothing to do with price tags — it’s all about function and usability. This pocket knife, for example, bypasses “inexpensive” to be downright cheap… but it’s quirky and cool in a way that makes me shrug at more expensive options, plus it’s very low-profile and totally unobtrusive until I need to slice open a package or cut some twine. Same goes for the disposable pens and the plain black leather wallet — there when you need it, easy to use, easy to replace. I opted to get some nice sunglasses because I’m good at not losing them, and classic Persols have the best lenses and frame construction I’ve ever worn — and as for the always-full water bottle and pricey face moisturizer, well, those speak for themselves. Self-care, my friends.”

Douk-Douk Knife by Douk-Douk $23
Leather Bi-Fold Wallet by Field & Stream $16
649 Round Sunglasses by Persol $151
Precise V5 Pen by Pilot $13 (12-pack)
Vacuum Insulated Bottle by Gear Patrol x Miir $32
Facial Fuel Moisturizer by Kiehl’s $28

John Zientek, Staff Writer

“I really don’t like carrying things on my person. For years growing up, I toted a guitar with me for rehearsals, lessons and practice. In the evenings I’d load amps and pedal boards into my car. I’d have bags full of cables, replacement batteries and extra sets of strings. I’ve had to stress about taking priceless instruments on buses, planes and taxis. So now, I keep my EDC dead simple: phone, wallet, keys and maybe a pair of sunglasses and a cap.”

Wallet by Yuketen Learn More
Fish Skeleton Key Fob $1
iPhone 6S Plus by Apple $649
M21 by Silver Lining Opticians $290
Travel Cap by Battenwear $50

AJ Powell, Assistant Editor

“My approach to EDC can be described in three words: simple, stylish and functional. There are stories behind each of my essentials as well. For example, the Böle Card Case I carry was given to me by Jan Sandlund, the third-generation leather craftsman at Böle Tannery, when I visited him in Sweden two years ago. My EDC lives mostly in my pockets, so keeping things slim is crucial — only the necessities and nothing more.”

Pixel 2 by Google $749
Card Case by Böle ~$116
SRP779 by Seiko $475
Key Lanyard by Tanner Goods $55
The Shorty by Quiet Carry $68

Tanner Bowden, Associate Staff Writer

“I shoot for minimalism in most aspects of life, and that includes the essentials that I carry with me on a daily basis. A water bottle, pen and notebook are perhaps the closest items that border on unnecessary, but I know that the day I leave one at home is the day that I’ll need it most. The rest of my favorite items are aimed at practicality: a knife that’ll go unnoticed on my keychain, a hat to help manage my extra-long locks, a key that gives me access to a bike anywhere in New York. Oh, and I recently slimmed down my wallet, and I’m never looking back.”

20oz Wide Mouth Bottle by Miir $33
Fineliner Pen by Pilot $5 (2-pack)
Pocket Notebook by Moleskine $11
Elko Pocket Knife by The James Brand $60
Donner Hat by Coal $24
Annual Membership Key by Citi Bike $169
Slim Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy $80

Bryan Campbell, Staff Writer

“I absolutely detest having anything in my pants pockets, which is why I only buy jackets with inside chest pockets. The first thing I do when I get to my desk in the morning is dump my wallet, phone and keys onto my desk to unburden my pants of the bulky cargo. The thought of carrying around a knife, a pen, a flashlight and whatever else qualifies as “EDC,” is entirely foreign to me. My EDC consists solely of my watch (not of the pocket variety), my wallet, my sunglasses and my iPhone, which is fantastically slim and pocket-friendly. I guess I could buy cargo shorts, but then I’d be wearing cargo shorts. So, no.”

Stradale Automatic by Autodromo $875
Cliffside Sunglasses by Spy Optics $120
Trifold Wallet by Guess $15
iPhone 7 by Apple $549

Tucker Bowe, Staff Writer

“Aside from the obvious MacBook Pro, iPhone and the bag that I carry with me every day, there are few other trinkets that have become pretty precious to me. Lip balm is a priority, obviously. Same with sunglasses. Then comes my little compact camera, because I’m still pretentious enough to think I can take significantly better photos with it. And I also usually carry two sets of truly wireless earbuds. There are my AirPods (because I love them), and then there’s another pair because I don’t want sweat to ruin my AirPods.”

Hexagonal Flat Lenses Sunglasses by Ray-Ban $153
RX100 III Compact Digital Camera by Sony $648
Key Chain by DSPTCH $26
AirPods by Apple $159
Encore 20K by Supreme x Mophie ~$150
WF-SP700N Wireless Earbuds by Sony $178
Medicated Lip Balm by Blistex $8 (6-pack)

Hunter D. Kelley, Associate Designer

“My EDC ethos is simple yet purposeful; I only bring the most essential items I need to get through the day. By having a light load, I’m less likely to lose something, and I know where my stuff is at all times. As far as color choice goes, I’ve aimed to keep my items black, or subdued, so that they go with any outfit I want to wear. Keeping things low-key also results in a less-flashy carry, which is nice to have in a busy city like New York.”

PO3129S Typewriter Edition by Persol $320
Ridge Wallet by Ridge Wallet $65
ZOLO Liberty Wireless Earbuds by Anker $99
Keytron by SOG $27
Signature Lite Pocket Knife by Victorinox $33
Khaki Quartz ref. 9239 by Hamilton Learn More
iPhone 6s by Apple $449+
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