Flipboard founder Mike McCue is a busy man. His day runs from 7 AM to 2 AM, and in that time, he manages to take his kids to school, bike to and from work, work, make it home for dinner, and find time to create. Or at least that’s his schedule when he’s not jet-setting between Flipboard’s offices in Palo Alto and New York City. As the creator of a premier tech product and also a frequent traveler, it isn’t surprising that McCue is also product nerd. “I love gear that is exceptionally useful and well-designed,” he says, and that mentality is reflected in the gear used in his daily life. His arsenal is practical, well-designed and minimal, much like Flipboard (which is influenced by one of his favorite products, the Leica M). Read on for his picks below.

Leica M

McCue loves products that are so well-designed that they force a person to rise to the level of the product. The Leica M is that product for him, which inspires him to be a better photographer.

Patagonia Nano Air Light Hybrid Jacket (Viking Blue)

This jacket accompanies McCue in his daily routine, as well as on weekend hikes. It’s the perfect jacket for California weather, and a great layering piece for his trips to New York.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L

After years of searching, McCue found this backpack and hasn’t looked back. He uses it to carry his camera gear, iPad and everything else he needs without the bulk.

Notes App

The Apple Notes app is McCue’s notetaking app of choice. While on frequent flights from CA to NY, he turns everything on airplane mode, opens up a blank sheet in the app and thinks through key dimensions of his business and product.

iPad Pro

“This is where I spend a vast majority of my time,” McCue says. “It’s incredibly light and capable.” He barely uses his laptop unless he needs Keynote.

Specialized S-Works Epic Hardtail Bike

As someone who bikes much more than he drives, McCue considers his bike one of his most important possessions. Aside from the daily commute, this bike accompanies him on weekend adventures in Palo Alto.

Apple Watch

While not “a watch guy,” McCue he loves his Apple Watch (though he uses it mostly to tell the time).

Peet’s Coffee Lattes

For a person so busy, McCue doesn’t eat much. His secret weapon for getting through the day? A “steady diet of lattes.”