If you’re on the lookout for a sleek, stylish, elegant yet fully-functional wallet then take your pick from the choices available at CRBNtech. The CRBNTech “Switch” Smart Wallet is not only dang good looking but also guaranteed durable.

The company only wants the best when it comes to providing everyday carry items. Their wallets are definitely to boast about. They are from premium materials for optimum quality and durability. They are handy and look good no matter the occasion.

The CRBNTech “Switch” Smart Wallet is made from carbon fiber so it lasts a lifetime. It can withstand wear and tear and abuse. It boasts stealthy aesthetics it deserves a second look. This is a smart wallet because it comes with a unique card pullout technique. There is no thumb slot found on either sides. Instead, it has a lever on the bottom that you flick to properly lay out cards.

This mechanism is unseen from other minimalistic card wallets in the market. It adds a nice touch of novelty without sacrificing your cards’ security. The cards stay snug inside. It also has a sturdy money clip to hold bills and cash.

The CRBNTech “Switch” Smart Wallet can hold eight cards depending on the thickness and is thin and small enough to fit in your front or back pocket. It measures 3.78 x 2.56 x 0.39 inches and built to last for many uses thanks to its carbon fiber construction. It even provides protection from data or card theft through the addition of an aluminum alloy mono-body that blocks RFID signals.

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Images courtesy of CRBNTech