The situation: You’ve been invited to a black tie wedding. Traditionally, if you don’t have the right suit, you’re faced with one of two options: suck it up and pay up for a high-end suit or tux or schlep it to the local tux rental shop, spend your afternoon trying suits on and hoping you find something decent in your size.

Fortunately, The Black Tux aims to provide men in need of new formal duds with a solution that doesn’t require spending hundreds of dollars or wasting an afternoon away trying on suits. The brand provides a catalog of high-end rental suits made from wool (no polyester) that are designed in-house and exclusive to The Black Tux, not to mention a bevy of shoes, shirts, cufflinks and other formal wear essentials to finish the look. Users merely have to browse for the suit or tux they think will work for them. Then, simply fill out a short series of questions (no measuring required), and The Black Tux will know exactly the size suit to send you. In fact, The Black Tux swears by its ability to match a man to a suit size, so much so that if you aren’t happy with how it fits, The Black Tux will send you a replacement suit, free of charge, as quickly as possible.

Suits are sent two weeks ahead of your event (plenty fo time to make sure it fits), and shipping is free, making this about as stress-free a rental experience as you could imagine. And with prices starting at $95 (for suits worth well over a grand) it’s as economical a choice as it is hassle-free. Better yet, use the code GP20 at checkout, and you’ll save an extra $20.

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