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The Best Travel Towel to Buy Right Now for Summer Camping

If you’re an ultralight thru-hiker, the idea of bringing a towel is pretty low on the list of things to carry, but if you have a few more days in the woods and are near a lake, river or ocean, a quick-drying travel towel holds a certain appeal.
It works as a blanket, wash cloth, napkin, poncho and sandy-feet cleaner. Here are eight quick drying travel towels to add to your summer camping kit.

Personal Microfiber Towel by PackTowl $7+

Microfiber Travel Towel by Healthy Home $8+

Quick Dry Towel by Incite Elite $15

Microfiber Towel by RainLeaf $9+

Luxe Microfiber Towel by PackTowl $9+

DryLite Antibacterial Towel by Sea to Summit $9+

Microfiber Travel & Sport Towel by Shandali $8+

Footprint Lightweight Camping Towel by Biospired $8+
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