In 1983, perfume expert Michael Edwards created the widely respected Fragrance Wheel to help categorize the 14 different fragrance families. On the wheel, each family leads to the next: fresh fragrances transition to floral fragrances which in turn transition to Oriental and Woody fragrances. This wheel can be incredibly helpful for understanding the scents you prefer and helping explore others that may suit you.

For fall, we explored the Oriental and Woody side of the Fragrance Wheel and found five new scents worth trying in the cooler months. Characterized by deep woody base notes which are often accented by lighter, brighter hits of citrus or spice, these warm earthy fragrances are ideal accompaniments for the fall and winter months. So if you’ve been stuck in a rut or are unhappy with your classic cologne, check out these recently-released fragrances from Bulgari, Dunhill, Pekji and more.

Bulgari Man Wood Essence

Bulgari describes this eau de parfum as a neo-woody scent that epitomizes the “strong yet vulnerable ties between the city and nature.” Created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, it has a strong base note of cedar wood balanced by scents of cypress, citrus and coriander.

Dunhill London Century

Created by perfumer Carlos Benaim, this scent characterizes a modern cityscape looking to the future. What does that smell like? Base notes of sandalwood and musk are complimented by heart notes of neroli and cardamom and top notes of grapefruit and mandarin.

Pekji Zeybek

Instanbul-based Ömer Ipekçi founded independent fragrance brand Pekji after gaining a loyal following of perfume enthusiasts across the world. The Zeybek scent is named after an expressive Aegean men’s dance and has strong notes of leather and musk offset with notes of bergamot, hay, tobacco and tonka.

Hercules Man Mykonos

Maria Mavromatis makes all-natural fragrances — natural essential oils, resins and extracts in organic grain alcohol — inspired by Greece. The Mykonos scent is rich and earty with woody-sweet notes accented by hints of spice and caramel.

Clive Christian Noble Collection XIX Cedar Leaf

Celebrating a movement of late 19th-century architecture in America, this woody fougere scent evokes the polished wooden panels of a Victorian home. It has base notes of aromatic woods and leather, heart notes of rose and geranium and a cedar leaf top note

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