As a term, everyday carry doesn’t come with a static definition. The closest we can get is that it describes the items we find useful on a daily basis. They could be as simple as a keychain or as complex as a tablet, as general as a water bottle or as specific as a membership to a particular city’s bike-share program. The collection is defined by the carrier, who no doubt finds meaning and utility in every item in his pocket.

That’s not to say that EDC can’t be tailored to specific uses or situations though. Here, we’re highlighting items that can find their way through any standard day but have also been optimized for use in the outdoors. A waterproof notebook, a pocket knife with a sturdy corrosion-resistant blade and a durable case to stash it all in a backpack, to name a few; see the rest below.

Field Notes Expedition Notebook

You aren’t Thorough — 48 pages should be enough to get you through a trip into the woods. Especially when they’re pages of Yupo Synthetic paper, which is tear-proof and waterproof.

Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic

If you go for the waterproof notebook, then you’ll need a pen that can write on its non-porous paper. A Fisher Space Pen can do that (it can also do it upside down, and underwater).

The James Brand Folsom Pocket Knife

The Folsom is the James Brand’s workhorse pocket knife; it features a 2.75-inch CTS-BD1 stainless steel blade that opens with one hand and a grippy G10 handle.

SOL Duct Tape

Duct tape is the all-fixer, the quick and affordable solution to pretty much any problem one might encounter. SOL provides 50 inches of the stuff in a mini roll that’ll fit in any pocket.

Topo Designs Micro Accessory Bag

Your leather bifold might suit you just fine in the forests and mountains, but Topo Designs’ pouch has more of that retro-outdoor flair, and enough space for the things you’ll need: some cash, a credit card and an ID.

The Brown Buffalo Porterpen Case

While all the items here can hold their own against the elements, it doesn’t hurt to provide another layer of protection and an extra layer of organization. The Brown Buffalo built its Porterpen Case with abrasion-resistant waterproof fabric, so both of these things will be ensured.

The EDC Items We Can’t Live Without

Some favor flair, others prefer practical. The collection of things that gets us through the day-to-day is a mini representation of who we are and how we move through life. Here are the everyday carry items we can’t live without. Read the Story

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