Coffee-addicted backpackers and outdoorsman have faced the same problem for generations: how do you get a quality cup of coffee in nature without carrying a ton of extra weight? The AeroPress is a reasonable solution. It’s lightweight and is shown to make a stellar cup of coffee. But you still run the issue of carrying and grinding beans. Likewise, the cowboy coffee method is serviceable, but good luck avoiding grinds in your morning brew. Thankfully, a handful of upstart brands are attacking the problem head-on with high-quality instant coffees that take up virtually no space un your bag. Try one of the picks below on your next camping trip.

Alpine Start

Alpine Start was conceived by pro climber Matt Segal during a trip to the Bugaboos. He, like many outdoorsmen, was searching for a way to get a high-quality cup of coffee without needing to carry specialized equipment or extra weight. Alpine Start uses only high altitude Arabica beans for its Original Blend. Simply add water. If you’re more of a latte or chai person, Alpine Start has you covered with options for those drinks as well.

Stoked Stix

Stoked Coffee Roasters is based in Hood River, Oregon and was founded by lifelong coffee drinker and ultra runner Jax Mariash (she started drinking coffee at age 11). The brand offers a number of types of regular coffee beans but wanted to offer something that allowed outdoor enthusiasts to take their coffee on their adventures with them. Enter Stoked Stix. The packets are filled with 100% organic Arabica coffee beans and come in either dark roast or medium roast single serving packs.

Voilà Coffee

When Voilà opened up shop online in November of last year it sold through its entire stock so quickly that it had to disable the “Shop” tab on its website. After a few months of re-stocking, Voilà reopened for business in January with each individually portioned pack of instant coffee aiming to highlight the particular region each roast is sourced from. — Will Price, Associate Staff Writer