As watch lovers, we spend our afternoons pitching, researching and writing stories, poring over the new timepieces coming in and out of our office, and hunting for deals on used and vintage pieces online. When a new watch comes across our radar, one that particularly resonates with our tastes, we can’t help but obsess over it. We talk about them, debate their relevance, orate on their greatness and rail on their faults. So, here’s a taste of that: five timepieces are watch-loving staff can’t seem to shake, right this second.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Chronograph

After a solid 15 years spent lusting after the iconic Omega Speedmaster Professional, the be-all-end-all Moonwatch, I will admit that I have recently started to wonder if, for what is likely to be the most significant watch investment I’ll ever make, 42mm is just a little more than my little old wrist can realistically support. Enter the Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial, which comes in at a more manageable 40mm. While it strays from the traditional design in some pretty major ways, it maintains enough of the original’s charm while adding a blue dial that I’m finding increasingly irresistible. — Mike Conklin, Deputy Editor

Grand Seiko 61GS Special

For months, I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect Grand Seiko, only to find good condition models from reputable sellers nearly impossible to come by. Recently, though, I stumbled upon The Grand Seiko Guy’s treasure trove of impeccable watches, where I laid my eyes on what I’m certain is the perfect timepiece. This ’70s 61GS (a reference 6156-8040 to be exact) is a “Special” version, which featured a high-beat movement regulated to within +/- 3 seconds per day; the only Grand Seiko to best that is the absurdly-rare VFA. Were that not enough, the watch has a sharp, geometric case spawned from Seiko designer Taro Tanaka’s forward-thinking “Grammar of Design” philosophy and features a beautiful, spackle-like dial. It ticks every box for me. — Andrew Connor, Staff Writer

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date

I have a soft spot for a blue dial and tan leather strap. But there’s more to this Oris than its colorway. At $1,600, it’s affordable enough to be tangible while still maining a somewhat aspirational price point. I also find its date hand, hence the name Pointer Date, to be intriguing. That splash of red adds just enough pop. And don’t even get me started on that four. — AJ Powell, Assistant Editor

Vulcain Panda Chronograph

I’m obsessing over this beautiful vintage Vulcain Panda. It’s manual winding Valjoux 236 movement was recently overhauled, restored to perfect working condition. I love the simplicity of this watch — it’s nothing fancy, just pure function with some handsome elements, such as the subtle red accents on the outer rim of the dial. What’s nice about 1960s-era watches is the size: this one is just 36mm in diameter and only 14mm thick. It’s perfect. — Hunter Kelley, Associate Designer

‘Smokey and the Bandit’ Timex Replica

Do you like the style of Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit or Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart? Want and old and worn Timex on a hefty Navajo cuff? Maybe this is the eBay auction for you. I’m watching it, at least. — John Zientek, Staff Writer

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