Whether you’re going to the beach, having a relaxed weekend in town or vacationing on the other side of the world, sandals are essential to your summer footwear rotation. They’re not a part of a business outfit and that’s just the point. They provide a well-ventilated, comfortable experience for your feet during the hottest months of the year. We asked five style experts to share their favorites.

Rainbow Sandals Single Layer Leather Flip-Flop

“My favorite summer sandal is the classic single layer leather Rainbow flip-flop. I’ve been wearing them since I worked in a surf shop at the age of 13. I love that they’ve been a surfer’s flip-flop for almost 45 years and the company is still owned and operated by the founder, Jay Longley. They’re timeless, easy, inexpensive, made well and they wear in beautifully. I think they’re best at around two years old.” — Chris Gentile, Founder of Pilgrim Surf Supply

Faherty x Waltzing Matilda Sandals

“John Eaves has a similar story to mine, leaving a corporate design job to follow his lifelong passion of creating the ultimate sandal. I consider myself kind of a flip-flop snob so I jumped at the opportunity to work with John and leather craftsman Mike Balitsaris of Waltzing Matilda to design and manufacture a sandal that we’re pretty proud of and that’s made in the USA. We use pre-treated leather to give that worn-in feel from the moment you first put these flip flops on.” — Mike Faherty, Cofounder of Faherty

Birkenstock EVA Arizona Sandals

“I’m generally not a big sandal guy but I wear the Birkenstock EVA Arizonas to ride my mini skateboard to yoga. When you get out of hot yoga, you don’t want anything on your feet, and these are the closest things to that. The straps secure the feet enough for the board or the need to break into a light jog for any reason. They also serve as great house slippers for the summer months.” — Michael Maher, Cofounder and CEO Taylor Stitch

Malibu Latigo Sandals

“When my family and I moved to LA last year, I started spending a lot of time in flip-flops — at the beach, in our garden, taking the kids around the block. But it was hard on my back, and sometimes I feel like I look a little too California in them. I really like this pair of Malibu Sandals because they feel relaxed, but look great with anything and are comfortable. They were inspired by the Baja-style Mexican huarache sandals and have a 1960s vibe but with a very nice, contemporary-feeling spin. I also like that they’re not leather because it makes them easy to wash. You can just give them a scrub and put them to dry in the sun. ” — Shinya Hasegawa, Cofounder of Battenwear

Yuketen Cruz Huaraches

“I love the Yuketen Huaraches. The hand-woven vegetable-tanned leather upper feels very comfortable on skin and it ventilates very well so I can keep my feet fresh even in a very hot weather condition like when I go to Havana. The USA-made, lightweight Vibram Morflex sole also helps me walk around comfortably all day. These are handcrafted by a real Huaracheria in a mountain region in Mexico, and it is very special for me to wear something made by real artisans.” — Yuki Matsuda, Founder of Monitaly, Yuketen and Chamula