We’ve seen releases and release announcements from some of the biggest names in whiskey in the last few weeks, and every one is borderline grail-worthy. But, as is the curse of the whiskey enthusiast, each is going to be, well, nearly impossible to find. The revival of a defunct (but well-loved) Kentucky spirit, a stupidly sought after new Scottish-Japanese whiskey and a pair of limited runs from two of the biggest names in the game highlight what’s been a drool-worthy and altogether envious couple of weeks following whiskey.

The Kikou Japanese Whiskey

Those with a Japanese whiskey love affair, sound the alarm. This is as close to a once-in-a-lifetime whiskey as it gets. Releasing exclusively on Dekanta, Kikou aims to blend Japanese whiskey’s future with its European past. Off the coast of the Harima-nada Sea, the whiskey is sourced from Eigashima Distillery in Japan. It’s then aged in a hyper-rare Port Ellen cask – a cask from a Scottish distillery that’s been shuttered for almost four decades.

The single malt is 6 years aged, and only 300 bottles will be sold. The Kikou bottle goes on sale June 13th.

King of Kentucky 14-Year

Kin to Forester, Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels and others, the reopening of the King of Kentucky line is Brown-Forman’s latest flex in whiskey world. The brand, whose name is derived from the sport of kings (horse racing), made bourbon out of Kentucky from 1881 to 1968, and its first release since then is a 14-year-old, 130 proof, barrel strength bourbon.

Come June 29th, King of Kentucky will hit shelves, but only in its home state. Just under 1000 bottles are available, with a listed SRP of $199.

Glenmorangie Highlands 175th Anniversary Single Malt

The UK’s first telegraph line was laid during the same year the original whiskey masters at Glenmorangie founded the company in Scottish Highlands. Celebrating the Scottish whiskey makers nearly two centuries-worth of distilling, this 17-year single malt is only available at the distillery… in Tain, Scotland.

Less than 200 bottles were made available on June 6th, on sale for about $870.

The Macallan 72

The 72 in The Macallan 72’s name doesn’t for 1972. It’s for 72 years. Macallan’s Master Distiller Nick Savage said it is “reminiscent of a time gone by,” which, being from days of yore, it quite literally is. If you’re curious how it tastes, Savage had this to say on the brand’s website: “the whisky delivers surprise after surprise as aromas of fruit follow distinctive hints of peat, all the way through to the back of the mouth where it is finished off with a lingering hint of rich fruit and oak.”

The Macallan 72 will become available later this summer at Macallan’s distillery and other “select locations” worldwide. Six hundred bottles will be sold, at a cool $60,000 a pop.

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