Apart from a desk, a decent chair and a computer to work on, the home workspace doesn’t need much else, but there are few stranger sights than a desk without a lamp. Romanticized from their affiliation with architects, sketch artists and other creative people whose jobs probably no longer require a lamp, the desk lamp is something of a reference point for a person’s taste.

Top your desk with a banker’s lamp and it’s apparent you have an affinity for a time gone by (or have seen it in any movie ever). Clamp the design classic Luxo L-1 to the edge of your desk and everyone will know you once had dreams of being an architect yourself, or are just a really big fan of Pixar. That said, there are loads of styles and brands to choose from, so we cut it down to the 15 best you can buy online at every price point.

Ikea Forsa

Is there a category Ikea doesn’t make a serviceable product in? The Forsa lamp comes in every color, is suprisingly sturdy and steals some of the best design traits in lamp design. In expected Ikea fashion, it is easily the most affordadle worth buying.

Torchstar Banker’s Lamp

For better or worse, no compilation of desk lamps is complete without the hallowed banker’s lamp. Its head doesn’t really swivel, it’s not particularly graceful and the look of it hasn’t much changed since its invention over a century ago. But, all the same, it’s an American-designed classic. The only things necessary to qualify are a metal base (brass, preferably) and a green glass shade that, at the time of invention, was thought to reduce eyestrain more effectively than other colors.

TaoTronics LED Lamp

TaoTronics makes many variations on its utilitarian desk lamp, and each sells like crazy. As of writing, the brand holds six of the top ten spots on Amazon’s list of best-selling desk lamps. This one embodies much of what the brand is about — affordable, useful, adaptable lighting to get shit done.

Fully Lumen LED Task Lamp

Fully are the masters of officespace ergonomics and functionality. Its Lumen LED lamp has loads of brightness levels, maneuverability and, thankfully, backlit buttons. It also looks quite nice if you’re into industrial minimalism.

Article Leap Table Lamp

Count this as a nice-looking, budget version of Serge Mouille’s lauded “chapeau”-headed lamps. The matte black shade tilts up or down and provides a wide, semi-dramatic lighting to your desk.

Tensor Task Light

Tensor is an understated, everyman’s brand and always has been. The brand made some of the most mass market-popular desk lamps of the ’60s on the back of affordable prices and a sturdy, quiet design philosophy. Now, a vintage lamp will run you quite a bit, but its new lamps carry its reasonable cost, high performance ethos into the future.

Youkoyi Swing Arm Architect Lamp

Youkoyi’s architect lamp is an architect’s architect lamp. Plenty of dimming options, a side clamp to reduce desk footprint, an extra-wide bulb and shade and an intuitive control panel make it well worth it, particularly if you’re lacking in spare desk space.

Umbra Shift Cup Lamp

The Cup Lamp isn’t really all that complicated. It’s a lamp whose base is doubles as a useful storage cup. It’s a quiet, minimalist LED-lit lamp with a useful dimming knob and USB port.

Schoolhouse Graduate Lamp

As a brand, Schoolhouse is like the cool version of your parents saying “it was better back then.” It scans products of the past, identifies the too often overlooked and revives them with its own twists. In this case, a weighty Art Deco-period lamp in either porcelain black or shiny steel.

Pablo Designs PIXO Optical Lamp

Pablo Designs has gifted the world many functional, playful lighting solutions, and the PIXO lamp is no different. Engineered to generate the most light in the smallest physical footprint, it’s dimmable, swivels and, notably, comes in colors other than black and white.

Anglepoise Original 1227 Mini

Though often mistaken as the hopping Pixar lamp, it is no less famous. The Type 1227 released in Britain in 1935 and its spring balance system and industrial aesthetic were an instant hit. Since it’s found its way into multiple design museums, on British postage stamps and atop the desk of a legion of creatives. This is the slightly smaller version, ideal for lighting up desks and not getting in the way.

Flos Tab LED Table Lamp

When Flos opened up shop at the tail end of the 1960s it was viewed as future-forward in aesthetics and material use. Today, it’s still viewed that way. The Tab LED lamp is uses a porcelain reflector and V-shade to broaden and soften the glow of the LED, and the head of the lamp swivels up, down and concentrically.

Luxo Air LED Task Light

Think of it as a modern L-1 lamp. Luxo’s trademark spring-pully adjustable arm is as smooth and malleable as ever, and the mini-halfpipe shade softens the LED bulb’s inherent brightness. There are many statement pieces in the desk lighting category, but few are as impacting as Luxo.

Vipp Desk Lamp

The grail. Weirdly enough, Danish-born Vipp made its name making very nice trashcans (so well-designed they’ve found themselves in the Museum of Modern Art’s tightly-curated store), but has since graduated to a small but discerning group of other homewares, including its gorgeous lamp. Its arm uses spring balance, but clears up the clutter by keeping it hidden inside and the head sports a 1,539 tiny perforations and a matte glass shield for soft, idyllic light diffusion.