Any stay-at-home dad knows that time should be spent wisely, mostly because he has so little of it. That’s why gifts for him should revolve around making his long list of tasks — cooking, cleaning, caring for the house, caring for the kids — easier and more efficient. They should also make whatever downtime he can scrounge up even better.

Minnetonka Double Deerskin Softsole

You don’t have to tell the stay-at-home dad about the importance of a good house shoe; just gift him a pair. Minnetonka’s Double Deerskin Softsole is undoubtedly one of the finest options out there. Its a handsome, authentic moccasin design made from a double layering of deerskin that will stand the test of time while ensconcing feet in buttery-softness. He’ll never want to take them off.
Buy Now: $88

Fender Effects Pedals

Between cooking, cleaning and caring for the kids, a short guitar session here or there is the perfect way to blow off some steam. Fender’s new effects pedals are essential in giving him the big range in sound he needs to riff on anything from Modest Mouse to Metallica.
Buy Now: $100+

Finex Dutch Oven

If your giftee is already a fan of Finex’s heavy and funky skillets, he’ll probably love the brand’s first Dutch oven. It comes with coiled handles that cool quickly and a hefty build that retains heat incredibly well.
Buy Now: $300

Bose SoundLink Resolve+

Thanks to a 16-hour battery life, Bose’s flagship speaker is just what the stay-at-home dad needs for a full day of music and podcasts. In addition to boasting high-quality sound and a 360-degree speaker design, a built-in carrying handle makes it easy to transport from the kitchen to the office to the backyard, while a splash-resistant build will keep it safe from aquatic mishaps.
Buy Now: $299

TwelveSouth BookArc möd

This handsome, arc-shaped MacBook stand is made from real wood, which stands out against the cold look of a metal laptop. It also clears up plenty of desk space when working with a monitor, making the home office feel all the more comfortable.
Buy Now: $60

Hario VHS-60B

Rather than letting his brew quickly become chilly after mastering the dark art of pour-over coffee, this Hario carafe keeps his liquid gold warm for 90 minutes. It features a double-walled construction that only bleeds 20 degrees of heat an hour and, like all of Hario’s products, has a handsome, minimalist design.
Buy Now: $70

PicoBrew Model C

While traditional homebrewing is an undertaking, PicoBrew’s Model C is almost as easy to use as a Keurig. The machine uses pre-made packs of ingredients — including existing recipes from craft breweries or a custom recipe made on PicoBrew’s website — to create wort, hands-free, with a couple of hours. The machine itself is self-cleaning, and the spent brew packs are compostable, so cleanup is just as easy.
Buy Now: $549

Outerknown Paz Pant

Outerknown’s drawstring Paz Pants are as comfortable as sweatpants but have the fit and finish to make them an appropriate everyday option. They’re made from a 9oz organic cotton twill that’s both breathable and durable and feature a baggier fit up top but a tapered leg at the bottom.
Buy Now: $98

Grow Duo Smart Planter

Grow’s smart planter won’t do all the gardening work for you — it makes the job easier. The planter hooks up to your phone and takes into account the planter’s soil conditions and the climate of your yard to give you the best advice for taking care of your plants.
Buy Now: $199

Seiko Prospex SBDC053

This JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) from Seiko is right up a watch enthusiast’s ally, but it’s also a fairly practical choice of timepiece. Its in-house developed automatic movement is a workhorse for the brand, and its protected by a sturdy case water-resistant to 200 meters — more than enough to stand the everyday rigors of dad duty.
Buy Now: $650

Good Candle × Gear Patrol Campfire Candle

Our collaboration with Brooklyn-based Good Candle brings a bit of the outdoors inside, with a woody, campfire-like aroma. It’s hand-poured, made from 100-percent American soy wax, and has a 25-hour burn time.
Buy Now: $25

Gear Patrol Issue Six

Though the stay-at-home dad is a busy guy, if he finds himself with a few spare minutes he can thumb through our latest ode to products and product culture. There he’ll find a gear guide filled with practical buying advise, as well as a handful of in-depth features with some of the most intriguing gear on Earth.
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