Of all the things dads are, keeper of the house is perhaps their most hallowed duty. The home owner’s tools create a dominion worth showing off, whether they be the most powerful cordless vacuum to date, the most functional kettle ever (and the prettiest) or the beefiest smart home speaker to date. This list isn’t for the dad whose home is a place to be — it’s for the dad whose home is the place to be.

Brooklinen Super-Plush Complete Towel Set

Brooklinen’s new Super-Plush towels are cozy and absorbent, unlike your average towel that sacrifices one for the other. And they’re made extra large so you can just as easily wear one as a cloak as you can wrap it around your waist. Brooklinen uses a long-staple Turkish cotton that makes for a much softer, longer-lasting finished product. One color is already sold out — get yours before the rest are gone.
Buy Now: $189

Fellow Stag EKG Electric Pour Over

The sleekest electric kettle on the market may also be the best. Fellow’s Stagg electric kettle brings water to ideal brewing temperature in about a minute, and looks really, really good doing so.
Buy Now: $150

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Dyson has so much faith in its ultra-powerful, lightweight cordless vacuum it halted any production and R&D related to corded vacuums altogether once it released. Industry-leading battery and suction power combine with a mess-free dust chamber emptying design to make what will be the last vacuum your dad ever needs.
Buy Now: $699

Pilgrim Sofia Nebulizer

A simpler, more elegant path to a more pleasant home. Pilgrim’s nebulizer acts as an essential oil diffuser without the need for water and with a look that doesn’t seem out of place.
Buy Now: $100

Google Home Max

The first smart home speaker that values its duties as a speaker to the same degree it does its AI-assistantship. Google’s hi-fi smart speaker sports two 4.5-inch subwoofers and two customer tweets, as well as Google-made driver — in other words, it sounds stellar and you can ask it whatever you feel like.
Buy Now: $399

Snowe Flatware Set in Black Satin

There’s no rule that dictates what color your forks and knives and spoons must be. This new set from Snowe is beautiful, but plenty rugged as well — each set has been tested to withstand 10 years-worth of industrial dishwasher cycles without chipping, flaking or bending.
Buy Now: $252

PK360 Grill + Smoker

PK Grill’s 360 is cast from a single piece of aluminum and is totally rust-proof. Smartly placed vents on either side of the base and lid make for the easiest two-zone cooking imaginable, and convert a fiery hot grill into a smoker in seconds.
Buy Now: $900

BioLite SolarHome 620

The ultimate car-camping tool is also great for a patio. Three overhead lights, wall-mounted switches, control box with an MP3/FM player, almost 20 feet of cabling and a solar panel all arrive in a package the size of a shoebox. Toss the solar panel in an advantageous spot and soak in the free energy.
Buy Now: $150

Revival Rugs Vintage Rug

Put simply, Revival Rugs is the best blend of value and quality in a market riddled with shitty knockoffs and overpriced, improperly-marked products. Revival is fully transparent with every rug they sell — they’re going to tell you what it’s made of, where it came from and if it’s going to withstand higher foot traffic areas or not. Oh, and they look incredible.
Buy Now: $150+

Meyer Davis Pendant Over-Table Light

The retro-future looks, soft glow and clever design of this overhead light make it a classic unto itself. Waterproof, rust-resistant and with an extra-long, adjustable length cable, it’s suited for the outdoors just as much as the indoors.
Buy Now: $950

Luno Flip Tabletop

Every Luno Flip record keeper is made-to-order out of american walnut and solid brass, and designed to store your dad’s collection of REO Speedwagon live recordings in a safe and stylish manner.
Buy Now: $185

Gear Patrol Issue Six

Ignoring all notion of modesty, our sixth issue explores the wide and weird world of products like nothing else can. Everything from the best cheap pens to designer running gear to the return of the lager, the sixth coming of Gear Patrol Magazine is product journalism at its finest.
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