You might think because the driver is a car lover and they intermittently let their car-nerd side bubble to the surface that they only want incredibly obscure automobile-related gifts. Not always the case. What they really want are practical and effective tools, accessories and gear. However, being an essentialist doesn’t mean the Driver is short on taste. Below, a few curated Father’s Day gifts to help get you started.

TriNova Complete Car Wash Kit

When it comes to taking care of his car, the driver dad will see to it that every inch of metal, paint and rubber gets the same amount of loving care and attention. The Complete Car Wash Kit by TriNova includes everything he needs to detail the exterior, interior and tires, including professional grade shampoos, polishes and waxes, in addition to microfiber cloths, sponges and applicators.
Buy Now: $60

Grifter Co. USA Scoundrels Riding Gloves

Tough, rugged, simple; the original Scoundrel gloves were built to last and survive mile after mile of the open road. Hand constructed from bison leather, right here in the USA, the Grifter Co. Scoundrel also has the style chops to match their duability.
Buy Now: $74

Ray-Ban The Colonel Sunglasses

If you’re a pilot, you get aviators. If you’re a driver, you get The Ray-Ban Colonel. The large square frame, thin temples and lightweight design lends itself perfectly to going the distanca on long stretches of highway and back roads.
Buy Now: $163+

Garmin Speak Plus

The Garmin Speak Plus hides a lot in a tiny package. There aren’t any hi-def, 3D, detailed street maps, but it does give you turn by turn directions using easy to read symbols and commands and brings Amazon’s Alexa to your car. To top it off, not only can you stream music, sports and everything else Alexa does for you at home, but there’s also an integrated dash cam to record your ride.
Buy Now: $179+

Owl Car Cam

Think of Owl Car Cam less as a dashcam and more of an in-car security camera. Not only does the Owl Car Cam have front and rear facing cameras, but they’re always on so you can catch all the people who let there shopping cars scratch your bumber, plus potential thieves.
Buy Now: $349

Kinto Travel Tumbler

Everyone needs a go-to vacuum-insulated tumbler. They’re classic and should be a mainstay in any commuter’s cup holder.
Buy Now: $34

Schott 530 Cafe Racer Jacket

Brown leather jackets like the Schott 530 Cafe Racer Jacket never go out of style. It’s an heirloom-tier purchase — not only will its timeless style last through the years, but so will the jacket.
Buy Now: $820+

Aerostich Helmet Holder Office Cube Adapter

The Aerostich Helmet Holder Office Cube Adapter can effortlessly hang off any cubicle or be mounted to wall to keep helmets, gloves and jackets looking as professional throughout the day as their owner.
Buy Now: $47

Moose Boot, Helmet and Glove Dryer

Weather can ruin a commute, making the ride in a little wetter than preferred. That doesn’t mean the ride home has to include the torture of re-wearing cold, wet boots, helmets and gloves. The Moose Boot, Helmet and Glove Dryer is perfect for those wet or cold days, even for a little blast of warmth before hitting the road.
Buy Now: $120

Aether Ramble Pants

So few motorcycle pants can balance casual looks and high performance. Aether has become the master of the casual, nonchalant motorcycle gear — the Ramble Pants are a prime example.
Buy Now: $475

Lake Cuomo Print

Not everyone gets to go to Lake Cuomo for a drive in a vintage Italian sports car, but it’s nice to day dream. Nothing makes that easier than Gear Patrol’s own Lake Cuomo print.
Buy Now: $30

Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue Six

Issue Six has a number of pieces aimed at the mixologist in your life. Explore the art of beer blending, learn about the resurance of craft lagers and meet your new favorite Mexican spirit — sotol.
Buy Now: $20