We’re guessing your old man doesn’t need another meaningless present, which is precisely why we went about making the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide — more than 100 gifts he’ll actually enjoy. To keep things simple, we’ve organized the list by price. If you prefer to browse gifts by category, check out our individual gift guides here.

Under $50

Best Gifts Under: $50 | $100 | $250 | $250+

Patagonia Provisions Mussels

Sure, you could stock up for a father-son camping trip with a couple of packs of dehydrated beef stroganoff; prep means just adding water, and those chalky uncooked bits are all part of the experience. Or, you could supply yourselves with tins of organic mussels, grown by multi-generational fishermen off the coast of Galicia, Spain, and preserved with traditional recipes in olive oil and spices. To do that though, you’d have to be okay with dining in the wilderness like a pair of Spanish kings.
Buy Now: $8+

Nuun Immunity

Kids seem to attract germs, so any barrier you can put between yourself and those bugs that can wipe you out for a day is necessary. Nuun’s newest immunity line is an easy way to drink your vitamin e, c, d, a and extra sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Stay healthy, my friend.
Buy Now: $7

Sufferfest Fastest Known Time Pale Ale

Drinking a beer after a hard game of basketball or a trail run is practically a national past-time. What if we told you Dad could enjoy himself with a refreshing beverage while simultaneously restoring his electrolytes? The future is now, thanks to Sufferfest’s newest Pale Ale.
Buy Now: $14

Session Cocktails: Low-Alcohol Drinks for Any Occasion

Should every drink you make has to be spiritous and serious? Drew Lazor and the editors of Punch argue the case for low-alcohol drinks in this new recipe book.
Buy Now: $15

Whiskers Laces

A designer knows that it’s the little things that can make a product special, which is why a subtle upgrade to something as simple as shoelaces can make all the difference. Whisker Laces, which come in a myriad of colors and patterns, are capped with premium aglets that come in either silver or copper finishes. They even come mounted on a wooden spool because, again, it’s all about those special little touches.
Buy Now: $15

The Beer Pantry: Cooking at the Intersection of Craft Beer and Great Food

Craft beer pairs well with a surprising amount of different foods and this book proves it. Explore 75 recipes that match the six distinct flavor profiles of craft beer.
Buy Now: $16

Darn Tough Hiker 1/4 Sock Cushion

There comes a point in one’s life when it’s no longer acceptable to go about the duties of a day with a hole in the heel of a sock. Your dad knows this, and so does Darn Tough — the Vermont-based company makes some of the toughest socks available. And if he does bust through the big toe, Darn Tough guarantees each pair with a no-questions warranty that lasts forever.
Buy Now: $18

Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue Six

Our sixth issue explores the wide and weird world of products like nothing else can. Everything from the best cheap pens to designer running gear to the return of the lager, the sixth coming of Gear Patrol Magazine is product journalism at its finest.
Buy Now: $20

Lo-Fi Aperitifs Dry Vermouth

When mixing the classics, don’t skimp on a nice vermouth. This option has complex spicy flavors on the palate complimented by anise and coriander notes on the nose.
Buy Now: $23

Stone Chef’s Notebook

This notebook is not meant to be babied. The paper, made of finely ground limestone, is completely water- and grease-resistant (along with the rest of the book). It lays perfectly flat so you don’t need an extra hand to hold one side down, and it has magnets cut into it so it’ll hold to any metal surface.
Buy Now: $23

Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovateur Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner

Perfect for smoother, finer leathers, the beeswax-based Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovateur Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner helps protects and extends the life of your leather shoes and boots. It’s also the preferred compound of professional shoe shiners. Buy Now: $23

Douk-Douk Folder

Made in France since 1929, this iconic folding knife, used for decades by the French Foreign Legion and Armies, depicts a Melanesian spirit incarnation known as “douk-douk.” Keep it close by to open boxes or stubborn envelopes.
Buy Now: $24

Rabbit Compact Bar Tools

This travel-friendly set of stainless steel bar tools is equally at home in small kitchens. The set includes a strainer, a citrus zester, a bottle opener, a stirring stick, a jigger and a bar knife. Each tool easily fits into a slim caddy for storage when not in use. For the frequent traveler who is particular about his drinks, this is a great gift.
Buy Now: $25

Good Candle × Gear Patrol Campfire Candle

Our collaboration with Brooklyn-based Good Candle brings a bit of the outdoors inside, with a woody, campfire-like aroma. It’s hand-poured, made from 100-percent American soy wax, and has a 25-hour burn time.
Buy Now: $25

ManCan Growlers

Your dad’s college days are long behind him; he’s not used to full-sized kegs anymore. Luckily, ManCan is all the greatness of a keg — durable, leak-proof, airtight — in a portable package. ManCan growlers are made of the same stainless steel as their full-size counterparts, but they’re much lighter and more easily refilled. Stow one in a backpack for an afternoon day hike or toss it in the boat on your next fishing trip.
Buy Now: $27+

Flint and Tinder Slub Pocket Tee

T-shirts are designed for everyday comfort, but too often they’re constructed as cheap afterthoughts made with sub-par materials. Flint and Tinder took a different approach with its Slub Pocket Tee, which is made of 100 percent ring-spun slub cotton. It’s extra-soft and sports an uneven texture that’s both aesthetically and tactically appealing. It’s also durable — even after many washes — and breathable, making it the perfect casual shirt for long days en-route.
Buy Now: $29

Finding Mezcal: A Journey into the Liquid Soul of Mexico

This definitive book on mezcal is full of interesting anecdotes from Del Maguey founder Ron Cooper, a James Beard Award recipient. Explore the regions and villages that Cooper champions and learn how to make 40 mezcal-centric cocktails from world-class bartenders.
Buy Now: $30


If Dad’s into the digital age, the newest tracker on the market is your best bet. Monitor sleep, strain and recovery thanks to a basic-looking strap that’s always on.
Buy Now: $30/month

Japan: The Cookbook by Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Expansive, all-encompassing, comprehensive — call it what you will, author Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s newest tome to Japanese cooking is equal parts gorgeous, entrancing and helpful. Hachisu already has two James Beard-nominated Japanese cookbooks under her belt, and it feels like a safe bet to assume her latest endeavor is a shoe-in for a third.
Buy Now: $31

Gear Patrol Logo T-Shirt

An easy to wear, easy to match tee in a comfortable package. The traditional crew neck tee is ideal for weekend trips thanks to its ability to work at the gym, at the beach or in the city.
Buy Now: $32

Miir x Gear Patrol Vacuum Insulated Bottle

We partnered with Miir to make a sleek, black powder-coated steel vacuum-insulated bottle with our stamp literally on the side. No matter what goes in this bottle, it will come out damn near the temperature it entered at.
Buy Now: $32

Aesop In Two Minds Grooming Products

This set of three products from Aesop looks to normalize both oily and dry skin in different areas of your face. Products include a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer.
Buy Now: $33+

Kinto Travel Tumbler

Everyone needs a go-to vacuum-insulated tumbler. They’re classic and should be a mainstay in any commuter’s cup holder.
Buy Now: $34

Sea to Summit Alpha Cookset

An outdoorsman knows that it’s the simple things that bring true satisfaction in life, like the late afternoon glow of a sinking sun moving up the face of a mountain, or a freshly-prepared meal enjoyed in the twilight shortly after that. For that, a reliable set of cookware is required. Sea to Summit’s new Alpha collection is super-light and comes with a locking handle to prevent spills, which is, to put it simply, awesome.
Buy Now: $35+

977 Workshop x Gear Patrol Keychain

Simple is often better and this keychain is proof. Handmade in Germany, it features durable sailing rope secured by an understated aluminum piece stamped with the Gear Patrol logo.
Buy Now: $36

DSPTCH × Gear Patrol Wrist Camera Strap

For as long as we can remember, DSPTCH has made some of our favorite dependable, high-strength and lightweight travel accessories. We couldn’t be more stoked to team up with them on a custom camera strap.

Buy Now: $36

Outdoor Voices Doing Things Tee

Whatever Dad’s doing, this tee is for him. Offered in seven colors, the sweat-wicking, breathable shirt is one of the softest we’ve tested. The best part is you can wear it all day everyday.
Buy Now: $40

Whiskey Peaks

Adventures can be fleeting. Often it’s the photographs and memories that bring us back into the moment, more than any souvenir can. There’s no better way to salute a trip than with a raised glass, and Whiskey Peaks provides one that features a raised topographic impression of well-known peaks from around the globe. Hand-blown with premium lead-free glass, they’re a perfect accompaniment to any travel story — even more so when you can trace a well-worn climbing route on the mountain at the bottom of the glass.
Buy Now: $40

Umbra Giardino Kitchen Herb Garden

Design collective Umbra has found the cure for brown thumb. The Giardino kitchen garden keeps about three herb plants happy and healthy by way of an integrated showerhead watering and drain system. It would be a feat to kill a basil plant with this thing.
Buy Now: $40

Ann Arbor Distilling Co. Cherry Eau de Vie

A newcomer in the world of American spirits, Ann Arbor Distilling offers a thoughful and exciting array of products for mixing and sipping. This cherry brandy won Double Gold at the prestigioous 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It has notes of ripe cherries, vanilla custard and pistachios.
Buy Now: $42

Ciele Athletics GoCap Zoom

The stadium edition of the classic GoCap has more mesh than previous iterations to make it extremely breathable. The design is simple, and the cap is reflective — what more can dad want?
Buy Now: $45

Native Union Smart 4 Charger International

This international wall adapter has four ports, including one USB-C, which makes charging devices that were drained on a long flight a breeze. It works with all wall outlets in the US, Europe and the UK.

Buy Now: $45

Aerostich Helmet Holder Office Cube Adapter

The Aerostich Helmet Holder Office Cube Adapter can effortlessly hang off any cubicle or be mounted to wall to keep helmets, gloves and jackets looking as professional throughout the day as their owner.
Buy Now: $47

PATROL Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt

When the job is done and it’s time to relax, our PATROL Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt strikes the right balance in weight, breatability and warmth and goes above and beyond with the comfort factor. The tone-on-tone shows your support for Gear Patrol without shouting about it. Like the DIYer it gets the job done, but doesn’t brag about it.
Buy Now: $49

Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit

When you’re out and about with the baby, remembering to charge up before you leave the house is the last thing on your mind. Power up a smartphone in the car, on the train or in a hotel.
Buy Now: $50

Roku Streaming Stick

Simple and small, this streaming stick easily fits in a suitcase’s side pocket. When you get all settled into a new hotel room, just plug this little guy into the TV and you have Netflix (or most other streaming apps) at your finger tips. No more being upcharged for hotel-room movies.

Buy Now: $50

Under $100

Best Gifts Under: $50 | $100 | $250 | $250+

Naoto Fukasawa: Embodiment

This 288-page coffee table book is an extensive review of famed Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa’s work, which is vast, ranging from furniture to phones to wristwatches. Embodiment features more than 100 of his best designs, detailed through illustrations, photos and Fukasawa’s own perspectives on design.
Buy Now: $53

S’well Onyx Roamer

On a summer day, this 40-ounce growler will keep your favorite malt beverage cool for up to 24 hours. It’s also more durable than traditional glass growlers that wouldn’t fair well on outdoor expeditions.
Buy Now: $55

Christopher Kimball for Kuhn Rikon Wok

Bearing the name of the creator of America’s Test Kitchen is no marketing gimmick — this pro-grade carbon steel wok is serious cookware. For the dad with dreams of appropriately fried stir-fry, there are few better options.
Buy Now: $56

Riedel Performance Spirits Crystal Wine Glasses

If you invest in quality spirits, you should have quality glasses with which to enjoy them. These crystal glasses have crisp and curvilinear lines, slim stems and the widest base in Riedel’s history.
Buy Now: $57 (Pair)

Yamazaki Rolling Tower Storage

As a general rule, assume anything with Yamazaki’s name on it will be neatly understated and functionally magnificent. This rolling kitchen storage is ideal for spices, oils, hand rags and, most importantly the cook’s beer.
Buy Now: $58

Myles Everyday Shorts

The light and airy materials that make fitness shorts so comfortable are often slightly too casual for settings other than the gym and the home. Myles Apparel knows that, so it set out to make a short that’s both comfortable and appropriately versatile. The end result: the Everyday. It’s made of a blend of nylon and spandex to create four-way stretch and is treated with a DWR finish to fend off the elements. More importantly though, it looks great, which means you can shamelessly enjoy the breeze while wandering foreign cities.
Buy Now: $58

The Lost Explorer Movement Massage Balm

This fortifying balm soothes aches and pains due to overexertion. It utilizes Arnica extract and Nepalese Wintergreen to help your body heal after a hard day.
Buy Now: $60

Native Union Drop Charger

Can a phone charger be beautiful? If it’s from Native Union, then yes. This wireless charging pad has a remarkably thin profile and stips of silicon grips that are laid out in an aesthetically pleasing, almost hypnotic way. It’s a performer, too, designed to prevent overheating and provide charge through phone cases up to 3mm thick.
Buy Now: $60

TwelveSouth BookArc möd

This handsome, arc-shaped MacBook stand is made from real wood, which stands out against the cold look of a metal laptop. It also clears up plenty of desk space when working with a monitor, making the home office feel all the more comfortable.
Buy Now: $60

TriNova Complete Car Wash Kit

When it comes to taking care of his car, the driver dad will see to it that every inch of metal, paint and rubber gets the same amount of loving care and attention. The Complete Car Wash Kit by TriNova includes everything he needs to detail the exterior, interior and tires, including professional grade shampoos, polishes and waxes, in addition to microfiber cloths, sponges and applicators.
Buy Now: $60

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon Whiskey

This bourbon is bottled to represent a Prohibition-era whiskey in both flavor profile and ABV. It’s 115 proof and carries notes of caramel, cinnamon, cherry and toffee, among others.
Buy Now: $61

Meguiar’s All-in-One Essentials Car Care Kit

To really give your car the detailed cleaning it deserves, you need a lot more than just a sponge and bucket. Meguiar’s All-in-One Essentials Car Care Kit is a professional-grade 11-piece collection of waxes, wipes, sprays and micro clothes perfectly suited to getting in every nook and cranny and helping your car shine the way it should.
Buy Now: $65

Porlex Jp-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

There are those who love having a computer determine their coffee grind size and letting it do all the work, but the DIYer would rather do it by hand. The Porlex Jp-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder is the tool they need. Made in Osaka, Japan, the Porelx Jp-30 utilizes ceramic, conical burrs with a wide enough range in adjustment to grind a whole range, from powder to french press.
Buy Now: $65

The Ridge Wallet Aluminum

This minimalist wallet protects against RFID or credit card theft if you’re worried about that, but for most people, it’s just convenient and slim. You can get it with an elastic strap or stainless steel money clip to hold your bills and both can hold up to 12 credit cards. It’s hardy, lightweight and comes with a lifetime warranty — it is, as its name implies, made of aluminum. The Ridge also sells Titanium and Carbon Fiber options.

Buy Now: $65

Pioneer Molecule Card Wallet

This simple card wallet is made from fabric that contains fibers that are ten times stronger than steel. It’s also water resistant and safe for washing machines, so you can use it in practically every situation.
Buy Now: $65

BedGear BG-X All Position Performance Pillow

New dads need to get sleep when they can — this pillow is designed for all types of sleepers (side, back, stomach) and is sure to help them doze off and make the most of their precious zee’s. The Dri-Tec fabric regulates temperatures and the ventilaed Air-X sidewall panels help keep it cool.
Buy Now: $70

Logitech Keys-to-Go Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

This isn’t the most high-tech item on the list. Actually far from it. But it’s a super useful gadget for anybody who takes notes or writes emails on their smartphone or tablet. Simply connect via Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

Buy Now: $70

Barebones Living Ultimate Tool

Gardening and outdoor survival don’t usually cross paths, but the Barebones Living Ultimate Tool is just as much a domestic multi-tool as it is a wilderness essential. Inch markings on the double sided flat and serrated blade come in handy when measuring plant depth and the twine cutter doubles as a bottle opener. It really is an all-in-one tool.
Buy Now: $70

Hario VHS-60B

Rather than letting his brew quickly become chilly after mastering the dark art of pour-over coffee, this Hario carafe keeps his liquid gold warm for 90 minutes. It features a double-walled construction that only bleeds 20 degrees of heat an hour and, like all of Hario’s products, has a handsome, minimalist design.
Buy Now: $70

The James Brand Elko Knife

Small but mighty, the James Brand Elko Knife’s compact design means it fits perfectly on a key ring for everyday use. But, the key ring doubles as a pry tool, bottle opener and flat head screw driver. So, is it a really small knife, or wonderfully designed multi-tool?
Buy Now: $70

Grifter Co. USA Scoundrels Riding Gloves

Tough, rugged, simple; the original Scoundrel gloves were built to last and survive mile after mile of the open road. Hand constructed from bison leather, right here in the USA, the Grifter Co. Scoundrel also has the style chops to match their duability.
Buy Now: $74

Todd Snyder x New Era Cone Denim Caps

This collaboration between Todd Snyder and New Era gives a unique way to rep your favorite team. The fabric is cut from some of the last denim made at the Cone Mills White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Buy Now: $78

Hardcore Hammers

There are hammers and then there are Hardcore Hammers. The Original Hammer is not only beautifully designed and shaped, the resessed milled traction surface is surrounded by a smooth outer rim and eliminates the need for both a finishing and framing hammer.
Buy Now: $79

Minnetonka Double Deerskin Softsole

You don’t have to tell the stay-at-home dad about the importance of a good house shoe; just gift him a pair. Minnetonka’s Double Deerskin Softsole is undoubtedly one of the finest options out there. Its a handsome, authentic moccasin design made from a double layering of deerskin that will stand the test of time while ensconcing feet in buttery-softness. He’ll never want to take them off.
Buy Now: $88

Mystery Ranch Stadt Backpack

Well-made and affordable, this pack is great for everyday commutes in the city and short hikes. It features a 21L capacity and is cut from rugged Cordura fabric.
Buy Now: $89

Wolf and Grizzly Portable Grill

All dads love grilling — that’s a fact — and adventurous dads are forced to face separation anxiety whenever the open road calls. Not so with Wolf and Grizzly’s Portable M1 Grill; it weighs just over two pounds and packs down into a packable carrying case like a set of tent poles. That means it can be stashed in a backpack and be put to use over a campfire at the beach or on the side of a mountain, and your dad will never be far from a grill again.
Buy Now: $90

F-Stop Kalamaja Camera Bag

This bag is handsome, lightweight and tough, made of 420D ripstop nylon, meaning it’ll protect dad’s expensive DSLR better than most.

Buy Now: $90

Milo Dutch Oven

It’s not often we discover a product that manages to merge enduring quality, performance, looks, customer service and affordability, and that’s what makes the new Milo Dutch oven unique. At $95, it is firmly one-third the price of the heavyweights it punches up to in performance.
Buy Now: $95

Mountain Hardwear Hardwear Denim Shirt

Giving Dad a new shirt is a safe bet; everybody needs shirts after all. But giving Dad a new denim shirt conveys spirit — it lets him know that you believe in him. That, despite his advanced age, he can pull off the hip panache of new denim with its crisp and deep blue, and that he’s got what it takes to wear it in until it develops the subtleties of a years-old garment.
Buy Now: $95

Outerknown Paz Pant

Outerknown’s drawstring Paz Pants are as comfortable as sweatpants but have the fit and finish to make them an appropriate everyday option. They’re made from a 9oz organic cotton twill that’s both breathable and durable and feature a baggier fit up top but a tapered leg at the bottom.
Buy Now: $98

Garrett Wade Portable Leather Tool Bag

Garrett Wade has spent more than 40 years specializing in high quality hand tools, so you could say the company knows a thing or two about handmade, quality products. And like Garrett Wade, the DIYer dad knows that having the right tools on hand is crucial to getting the job done. This portable leather carryall is something any DIYer would appreciate. Made in the USA from robust 1/8-inch buffalo hide, it features solid brass rivets — you can bet the Portable Leather Tool bag will be on the job for years to come. Available in two colors.
Buy Now: $100

Pilgrim Sofia Nebulizer

A simpler, more elegant path to a more pleasant home. Pilgrim’s nebulizer acts as an essential oil diffuser without the need for water and with a look that doesn’t seem out of place.
Buy Now: $100

Fender Effects Pedals

Between cooking, cleaning and caring for the kids, a short guitar session here or there is the perfect way to blow off some steam. Fender’s new effects pedals are essential in giving him the big range in sound he needs to riff on anything from Modest Mouse to Metallica.
Buy Now: $100+

Under $250

Best Gifts Under: $50 | $100 | $250 | $250+

Samba Sock Primeknit Shoe

The Sambas of our youth are re-designed with Primeknit. Offered in an all black or all-white upper, the futbol sneakers are a streetstyle favorite that are a comfortable alternative for dads on their feet all day long.
Buy Now: $110

Melanie Abrantes Cork Hanging Planter

Potted plants are the kind of accents that turn a house into a home, and Melanie Abrantes makes some of the finest planters around. Turned by hand, made from cork, and finished with leather hanging laces, this planter features an incredible amount of handiwork. And since cork is naturally porous, antimicrobial, and hypo-allergenic, it’s particularly suited for sustaining plant life.
Buy Now: $110

GrowlerWerks uKegs

There are growlers, there are kegs, and then there are GrowlerWerks’ uKegs. Available in gallon and half-gallon sizes, a uKeg is a true marriage of portability and preservation, allowing beer drinkers to bring their favorite beverage anywhere. GrowlerWerks builds each vessel with double-walled insulation, a CO2 regulator cap that maintains perfect levels of carbonation, and a tap-like pour mechanism that provides access without opening any lid — meaning, your brew will stay cold and fresh for weeks.
Buy Now: $114+

Leatherhead Sports Handsome Dan Football

Adventures don’t have to mean high-risk exploits to the end of the earth, and when they’re not, it’s okay to bring along some fun. The Handsome Dan Football is a vintage-style pigskin made of real leather that will age and develop its own unique markings. It’s hand-stitched in the USA and made slightly smaller than NFL footballs, which will help you toss that perfect spiral. Bring it on your next camping trip, or toss it around the backyard.
Buy Now: $115

Moose Boot, Helmet and Glove Dryer

Weather can ruin a commute, making the ride in a little wetter than preferred. That doesn’t mean the ride home has to include the torture of re-wearing cold, wet boots, helmets and gloves. The Moose Boot, Helmet and Glove Dryer is perfect for those wet or cold days, even for a little blast of warmth before hitting the road.
Buy Now: $120

Nike Free x Metcon

Combine the quickness and lightness of the Nike Free with the stability and durability of the Metcons and you get one truly tough sneaker. Whether dad constantly monitors the WOD or hits the rower at the gym, these shoes are sure to deliver that added power he wants.
Buy Now: $120

Levi’s Wellthread x Outerknown Western Shirt

Outerknown riffs on the traditional western style with this button-front shirt. Sustainably manufactured, it’s a style that will look sharp for years to come.
Buy Now: $128

Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen

Owning an incredibly nice, well built pen upgrades your daily kit to an entirely new level. The brass Pocket Fountain Pen by Inventery is built to last and can double as a touch screen stylus — it balances the brutishness of brass and the delicateness of a fountain pen beautifully enough to justify keeping it in your chest pocket at all times.
Buy Now: $135+

Yeti Camino Carryall 35

This dad-approved diaper bag is designed for dirty jobs. When the day is done, take everything out and spray the bag down with your backyard hose — it’s that easy.
Buy Now: $150

Vasque Clarion ’88

This spring, Vasque took its classic Clarion silhouette from 1988 and gave it the time-machine treatment. The new version has a breathable and durable suede and mesh upper and a heavy-duty Vibram rubber sole, but it still looks like it came from “back in the day.” (So it’ll match well with the rest of your dad’s hiking attire.)
Buy Now: $150

Revival Rugs Vintage Rug

Put simply, Revival Rugs is the best blend of value and quality in a market riddled with shitty knockoffs and overpriced, improperly-marked products. Revival is fully transparent with every rug they sell — they’re going to tell you what it’s made of, where it came from and if it’s going to withstand higher foot traffic areas or not. Oh, and they look incredible.
Buy Now: $150+

BioLite SolarHome 620

The ultimate car-camping tool is also great for a patio. Three overhead lights, wall-mounted switches, control box with an MP3/FM player, almost 20 feet of cabling and a solar panel all arrive in a package the size of a shoebox. Toss the solar panel in an advantageous spot and soak in the free energy.
Buy Now: $150

Scotch Malt Whisky Society Membership

After crushing the San Francisco Spirits Competition to the tune of six Double Golds, the Director’s Award for Excellence and Best in Show Whisky, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society is on fire. Access to the 35-year-old whisky club’s bottles is member’s only, and this year-long membership comes with a bottle to get your dad started.
Buy Now: $150

Fellow Stag EKG Electric Pour Over

The sleekest electric kettle on the market may also be the best. Fellow’s Stagg electric kettle brings water to ideal brewing temperature in about a minute, and looks really, really good doing so.
Buy Now: $150

TRX Strong System

A good home gym doesn’t have to entail heavy and bulky, not to mention expensive, equipment. In fact, it can be portable, something that you can bring on an airplane and set up in a hotel room or at a campsite. Take TRX, a packable suspension training system designed by a Navy SEAL. TRX takes seconds to set up, works indoors and out, and can provide a solid workout while on the road.
Buy Now: $150

Mystery Ranch Briefcase

Mystery Ranch is well-known among bag enthusiasts from the backpacking, wildfire-fighting and military communities. Office-goers don’t have to feel left out, though, because everything it makes is functional, durable and comfortable, including this briefcase. Carry it three different ways — like a classic briefcase, with a shoulder strap, or as a backpack — and, thanks thanks to its 500-denier fabric, through any weather condition and locale. Everything inside will stay dry, protected and organized.
Buy Now: $150

Ray-Ban The Colonel Sunglasses

If you’re a pilot, you get aviators. If you’re a driver, you get The Ray-Ban Colonel. The large square frame, thin temples and lightweight design lends itself perfectly to going the distanca on long stretches of highway and back roads.
Buy Now: $163+

Rapha Transfer Trackpants

To relax in style is to relax effortlessly. One wear of these merino wool track trousers and Dad’s sure to have found his new favorite off-duty pant. They’re built to help him warm up pre-ride, cool down with a beer post-ride and enjoy the recliner when he’s not riding.
Buy Now: $165

Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds

These are great alternatives to Apple’s AirPods, especially if those don’t fit his ears. They’re more feature-packed, with customizable sound settings (via an app) and more sweat resistant. Thanks to a four-mic array, taking calls is clear and seamless, which is pivital for a world traveler. (Read our full review of the Jabra Elite 65t earbuds here.)

Buy Now: $170

Aer Duffel Pack 2

This is a duffel-backpack hybrid has a ballistic nylon exterior. It’s small enough to sleep above in carry-on or below with the checked hard-shells. It also has several quick-access pockets, a laptop sleeve, plus a large main compartment. Whatever you need, this bag can do it all.

Buy Now: $170

Aer Gym Duffel 2

Dad doesn’t need to schlep all his gear to the gym in a sad backpack. This spacious gym bag features Cordura nylon, multiple interior pockets and a sleek exterior, so it can double as a work bag.
Buy Now: $170

Material Kitchen the Fundamentals

Material’s direct-to-consumer model cuts out retailers and all manner of middlemen in order to provide kitchenware that looks good and improves the cooking experience. The Fundamentals set provides exactly what you’d expect, the essentials, only these you won’t have to hide in a junk drawer.
Buy Now: $175

Cambridge Audio Solo Stereo Phono Stage

For anybody with a turntable, some bookshelf speakers and a collection of records, this will make their current setup sound even better. It’s the best moving magnet phono stage that Cambridge Audio, an industry leader in hi-fi audio, makes. And it also looks darn pretty.

Buy Now: $179

Garmin Speak Plus

The Garmin Speak Plus hides a lot in a tiny package. There aren’t any hi-def, 3D, detailed street maps, but it does give you turn by turn directions using easy to read symbols and commands and brings Amazon’s Alexa to your car. To top it off, not only can you stream music, sports and everything else Alexa does for you at home, but there’s also an integrated dash cam to record your ride.
Buy Now: $179+

Luno Flip Tabletop

Who likes to enjoy a nice cocktail in monastic silence? Good tunes are always welcome, and this tabletop LP holder is a tasteful way to keep your favorite albums at arms reach.
Buy Now: $185

Luno Flip Tabletop

Every Luno Flip record keeper is made-to-order out of American walnut and solid brass, and designed to store your dad’s collection of REO Speedwagon live recordings in a safe and stylish manner.
Buy Now: $185

Tanner Goods Drifter Dopp Kit

This dopp kit combines leather accents with a waxed cotton canvas and filter twill bag. It’s durable, functional and American made. He’ll use it for the next five years, minimum.

Buy Now: $185

Brooklinen Super-Plush Complete Towel Set

Brooklinen’s new Super-Plush towels are cozy and absorbent, unlike your average towel that sacrifices one for the other. And they’re made extra large so you can just as easily wear one as a cloak as you can wrap it around your waist. Brooklinen uses a long-staple Turkish cotton that makes for a much softer, longer-lasting finished product. One color is already sold out — get yours before the rest are gone.
Buy Now: $189

L.L.Bean Ultralight Sleeping Bag 35 Degree

L.L.Bean’s latest sleeping bag, the Ultralight, is (as its very straightforward name suggests) built for lightweight hiking and camping. The sleeping bag uses PrimaLoft Gold with Cross-Core technology, insulation that was developed for NASA and uses aerogel to increase warmth without adding weight. That means there’ll be more room in a backpack for the important things, like extra beverages, or your old man’s favorite ukulele.
Buy Now: $189

Danner Stronghold 6-Inch Work Boot

Inspired by Danner’s iconic hiking boots, the Stronghold 6-Inch Work Boot brings that classic style to the work shop. Durable waterproof full-grain leather upper sits on a cushioning PU footbed and Vibram sole for ultimate performance on the job.
Buy Now: $190

Grow Duo Smart Planter

Grow’s smart planter won’t do all the gardening work for you — it makes the job easier. The planter hooks up to your phone and takes into account the planter’s soil conditions and the climate of your yard to give you the best advice for taking care of your plants.
Buy Now: $199

TRX Home2 System

Forget going to the gym, this home training system comes with everything you need to build strength fast. Body weight exercises are a safe way to push your limits, and the accompanying app gives you the tools to never get bored by a workout.
Buy Now: $200

Mophie Powerstation AC

Portable power banks are more popular, and useful, than ever. And Mophie makes the nicest, most capable and, yes, most expensive power banks on the market. The Powerstation AC is particularly useful because it can output enough power to charge your laptop or smartphone. Plus, it charges via USB-C, so you can use the same charger as your new MacBook Pro to store this portable charger back to full health.

Buy Now: $200

Oakley Flight Jacket

The Prizm lenses on the Oakley Flight Jacket make everything you see crisp. Whether dad is an experienced cyclist or a novice, these sunnies are the tool he needs to push through that century ride.
Buy Now: $223

1620 Workwear Double Knee 2.0 Work Pant

The DIYer dad no doubt has a go-to pair of jeans or khakis that he throws on any time he gets to work. You’ll probably notice that he’ll cycle through those pants on a regular basis, simply because they don’t hold up over the years. The Double Knee 2.0 Work Pant by 1620 Workwear is the last work pant he’ll ever need. Made from abrasion resistant material originally designed for the US Special Operations Forces and double layered at the knees and hips, the Double Knee 2.0 Work Pant might just be as tough as your dad.
Buy Now: $228

DSPTCH Utility Brief

DSPTCH’s new Utility Brief is designed entirely with functionality in mind and can be carried like a brief, a satchel or even a backpack. It can accommodate laptops up to 15 inches, a water bottle and has a luggage-compatible sleeve to mount on rolling luggage. A handsome, twill-like finish doesn’t hurt, either.
Buy Now: $228

Chris Venetian Slip-Ons by Frye

With a suede exterior and a leather outsole, these bespoke slip-on shoes can glide through security lines while also looking professional at the airport bar. Frye is notorious for making really high-quality and dependable shoes, and these are no different.

Buy Now: $228

Vipp Pedal Bin

The designer tends to appreciates excellent design in craftsmanship even in the most unexpected places. So yes, this is a trash can, but it’s also a fixture in MoMA’s permanent design collection. Vipp’s handsome bins today are made by hand, as they were when they were first made back in the 1930s, and has an air-tight closure and a smooth-closing lid.
Buy Now: $249

OtterBox Trooper 20 Cooler

Outdoorsy dads like to do everything beyond the claustrophobia of the home, including kicking back with a cold beverage. To keep his drink of choice cold, OtterBox has added to its line of rugged coolers with a couple of more-portable soft models. But the Trooper isn’t “soft” at all — its nylon shell is impervious to abrasions, punctures and UV rays and its zipper is dust- and waterproof. Oh, and it comes with a handy bottle opener that mounts to a clip on its front.
Buy Now: $250

Over $250

Best Gifts Under: $50 | $100 | $250 | $250+

Snowe Flatware Set (Black Satin)

There’s no rule that dictates what color your forks and knives and spoons must be. This new set from Snowe is beautiful, but plenty rugged as well — each set has been tested to withstand 10 years-worth of industrial dishwasher cycles without chipping, flaking or bending.
Buy Now: $252

Japanese Chef Knives Bunka Knife

A practical tool from far-away lands is better than any postcard, and the Bunka Knife is one that can be used every day. The Bunka is a hand-forged chef’s knife crafted with ZDP-189 steel, which is known to resist corrosion and hold an edge longer than other metals. Made with sharp and straight geometric lines reminiscent of samurai blades and finished in the traditional kurouchi style, the Bunka is a beautiful example of a gift that will go appreciated every night. (Thanks for dinner, Dad.)
Buy Now: $280

Sunspel Sea Island Cotton Sweater

Author Ian Flemming was, apparently, a big fan of super-soft Sea Island Cotton and would regularly wear it in Jamaica. That’s the inspiration behind this sweater, which has a simple silhouette and a soft, breathable build perfect for wearing during chilly summer nights.
Buy Now: $285

Muyshondt Aeon MKIII Flashlight

Remember the Noisy Cricket from Men in Black? That’s the Aeon MKIII. It’s just barely two and a half inches long but is capable of emitting a blast of lumens that’ll make a Maglite quiver. For the more subtle user, the Aeon has three available intensities. Its aluminum casing is also durable and water-resistant — to test that fact, Muyshondt sent one up into near-space and let it fall back to Earth. It didn’t have alien fingerprints on its tail switch, but it did still work.
Buy Now: $295+

Bellroy Work Folio A4

An excellent way to keep the designer’s sketches and notes organized and secure. The Work Folio’s rich leather exterior protects A4-sized notebooks, as well as a pen, a phone, a tablet and up to six cards.
Buy Now: $299

Lighthouse Home Security Camera

This is probably the coolest and most high-tech home security camera on the market. Lighthouse costs the same as the Nest Cam IQ, and it can do pretty much the same exact things. But what makes it unique is that, in its companion app, you can ask it questions like “What time did [Matt] leave for work?” Or you can program it to send you notification is it doesn’t see any activity, like if [little Tommy] doesn’t get home between 3pm and 4pm, which is really helpful. (Read our full review).

Buy Now: $299

Bose SoundLink Resolve+

Thanks to a 16-hour battery life, Bose’s flagship speaker is just what the stay-at-home dad needs for a full day of music and podcasts. In addition to boasting high-quality sound and a 360-degree speaker design, a built-in carrying handle makes it easy to transport from the kitchen to the office to the backyard, while a splash-resistant build will keep it safe from aquatic mishaps.
Buy Now: $299

Finex Dutch Oven

If your giftee is already a fan of Finex’s heavy and funky skillets, he’ll probably love the brand’s first Dutch oven. It comes with coiled handles that cool quickly and a hefty build that retains heat incredibly well.
Buy Now: $300

Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair

To prove the macho-factor of its hard-sided coolers, Yeti released a series of Youtube videos showing them being gnawed on by grizzly bears and hurled off cliffs by a 500-pound strongman. It didn’t do the same for its new outdoor chair, the Hondo, but it did build it with reinforced aluminum and tensioned fabric so that it would be as tough as possible. Rumor has it the thing can support the weight of a small sedan. Your dad was an excellent driving teacher though, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
Buy Now: $300

Garrett Leight Bentley 51

Garrett Leight is the son of Larry Leight who founded legendary eyewear brand Oliver Peoples, and naturally, he learned a thing or two about making high-end glasses from dear old dad. These are crafted from beautiful semi-transparent brown acetate and have a lightweight and balanced design that will look at home on most face shapes.
Buy Now: $310

Citizen Primo Chronograph

The stainless steel case and band on Citizen’s Primo Chronograph are built for speed. Swim, snorkel or shower with this water-resistant watch, and the mineral crystal face accented with black luminous hands and markers will remain clear as day. The jet black dials and buttons, meanwhile, keep up the sharp look.
Buy Now: $316

Calvin Klein x Pendleton Blanket

It might not be as high-level as having your own American Airlines Concierge Key card, like George Clooney in “Up in the Air,” but traveling with your own premium-blend blanket — let alone a heritage saddle blanket — is a status symbol for any frequent flier.

Buy Now: $320

David Kind Kodachi Windsor Sunglasses

These refined round-frame sunglasses will look good on a range of face shapes. Made in Japan, they feature custom temple and bridge filigree detailing, titanium nose pads and mineral glass polarized lenses.
Buy Now: $325

Owl Car Cam

Think of Owl Car Cam less as a dashcam and more of an in-car security camera. Not only does the Owl Car Cam have front and rear facing cameras, but they’re always on so you can catch all the people who let there shopping cars scratch your bumber, plus potential thieves.
Buy Now: $349

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

While most cocktail preparations don’t require a blender, the ones that do really do. This 48-ounce blender has 10 variable speeds and a self-cleaning setting.
Buy Now: $350

Google Home Max

The first smart home speaker that values its duties as a speaker to the same degree it does its AI-assistantship. Google’s hi-fi smart speaker sports two 4.5-inch subwoofers and two customer tweets, as well as Google-made driver — in other words, it sounds stellar and you can ask it whatever you feel like.
Buy Now: $399


There are plenty of rugged Bluetooth speakers out there, but there’s only one DemerBox, and it puts all the others to shame. DemerBox was created by an audio technician named James Demer when he decided to install speakers and an amplifier into a Pelican case — a super-tough box typically used to protect expensive camera equipment — while working on a film in Barrow, Alaska. The production model DemerBox is just as rugged but much more refined. (And it’s still made with a Pelican case.)
Buy Now: $399

Yeti Tundra Haul

At long last, the brand that created and perfected the premium cooler market made a cooler with wheels. And because Yeti is Yeti, the wheels are anything but an afterthought — they’re stealthy and don’t cut into haul space nearly as egregiously as other premiums on the market. Perhaps the most underrated bit about the Tundra is a lid that won’t slam.
Buy Now: $400

Allen Edmonds Whitney Cap Toe Shoe

A well-made dress shoe is the foundation of a business wardrobe. This option from Allen Edmonds is made in the USA from premium full-grain leather and features decorative broguing.
Buy Now: $425

Aether Ramble Pants

So few motorcycle pants can balance casual looks and high performance. Aether has become the master of the casual, nonchalant motorcycle gear — the Ramble Pants are a prime example.
Buy Now: $475

Luminox Navy SEAL Chronograph 3580 Series

“The only easy day was yesterday.” That’s the mantra of the Navy SEALS, the elite fighting force that undertakes missions in the world’s jungles, swamps and oceans. Your father’s job may not entail similar duties (or maybe it does), but he’ll still appreciate the inspiration behind their message, displayed on his wrist in Luminox’s recently-updated collection. The watchmaker designed the 3580 Series to take a beating, equipping it with a Carbonox case, scratch-resistant crystal and waterproofing up to 200 meters. It’ll go anywhere he goes with all the functions of a chronograph at the ready.
Buy Now: $495

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speakers

These are essentially the same as Audioengine’s best-in-class bookshelf speakers, the A5+. With built-in Bluetooth, however, these speakers don’t need a reciever to play to premium stereo sound. (Read our full review.)

Buy Now: $499+

Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Jogging Stroller

The easiest way to get back on the saddle after days, weeks, or months off of it is to bring the baby with you to workout. Strap the little one into the jogging stroller and get going again.
Buy Now: $510

PicoBrew Model C

While traditional homebrewing is an undertaking, PicoBrew’s Model C is almost as easy to use as a Keurig. The machine uses pre-made packs of ingredients — including existing recipes from craft breweries or a custom recipe made on PicoBrew’s website — to create wort, hands-free, with a couple of hours. The machine itself is self-cleaning, and the spent brew packs are compostable, so cleanup is just as easy.
Buy Now: $549

Away Large Aluminum Packing Case

Every person on the move needs a bag to match. This roller by Away Travel is tough as nails, with an aluminum hard shell, and it’s nice enough to look at home in any First Class cabin.

Buy Now: $595

Seiko Prospex SBDC053

This JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) from Seiko is right up a watch enthusiast’s ally, but it’s also a fairly practical choice of timepiece. Its in-house developed automatic movement is a workhorse for the brand, and its protected by a sturdy case water-resistant to 200 meters — more than enough to stand the everyday rigors of dad duty.
Buy Now: $650

TCL 6-Series 4K TCL Roku TV

If you’re searching for a new 4K TV that supports HDR technologies, Dolby Vision and HDR10, and looks terrific, well then, TCL’s 2018 6-Series is the best TV under $1,000 you can buy.

Buy Now: $650+ (55 inches)

Christopher Ward C5 Malvern 595

Christopher Ward’s latest timepiece is a minimalist masterpiece. At just under 6mm thick (despite housing a Swiss-made mechanical movement), it’s one of the thinnest watches in its price bracket, and the cleanly-arranged dial is devoid of any features inessential to telling time.
Buy Now: $680

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Dyson has so much faith in its ultra-powerful, lightweight cordless vacuum it halted any production and R&D related to corded vacuums altogether once it released. Industry-leading battery and suction power combine with a mess-free dust chamber emptying design to make what will be the last vacuum your dad ever needs.
Buy Now: $699

NY Rocking Chair By Takeshi Nii

Rocking chairs can be a little, well old-school, but they do the job. This one, inspired by a traditional director’s chair, is simple, yet graceful.
Buy Now: $720

Zodiac Olympos

With a newborn, days can pass slower than molasses or faster than the blink of an eye. One thing to help that conundrum: a handsome watch. Dad needs one to keep track of feedings, changing and all the other fun child-dad bonding moments that first years bring. This innovative watch from Zodiac will help him look good, plus bath time isn’t a worry thanks to its 5ATM water-resistance rating. Even new dads deserve something that says you’re special, and this watch says all that and more.
Buy Now: $795

Fujifilm X-T20 Mirrorless Digital Camera

These moments won’t last forever, so documenting them is a necessity. A good camera is the best place to start.
Buy Now: $799

Schott 530 Cafe Racer Jacket

Brown leather jackets like the Schott 530 Cafe Racer Jacket never go out of style. It’s an heirloom-tier purchase — not only will its timeless style last through the years, but so will the jacket.
Buy Now: $820+

Astell&Kern ACRO L1000 Desktop Headphone Amplifier

The ACRO L1000 is a brilliant and new 32-bit headphone amp-and-DAC combo. The “knob feel” is great — wonderfully satisfying — and if your father/brother/husband/friend is into high-end desktop audio, this will instantly become his new prized possession.

Buy Now: $899

PK360 Grill + Smoker

PK Grill’s 360 is cast from a single piece of aluminum and is totally rust-proof. Smartly placed vents on either side of the base and lid make for the easiest two-zone cooking imaginable, and convert a fiery hot grill into a smoker in seconds.
Buy Now: $900

Meyer Davis Pendant Over-Table Light

The retro-future looks, soft glow and clever design of this overhead light make it a classic unto itself. Waterproof, rust-resistant and with an extra-long, adjustable length cable, it’s suited for the outdoors just as much as the indoors.
Buy Now: $950

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Auto Day Date

This 42mm steel timepiece is crafted just like the pilot watches of the early 20th century but adds automatic movement and 80 hours of power reserve. It’s striking, with bright, sword-shaped hands and Arabic numerals, yet subtle, with a simple leather strap and useful day and date complications. Essentially, it’s a handsome and vintage-inspired watch that he’ll wear — and not think twice about.

Buy Now: $995

Dell XPS 13

The new XPS 13 has everything you’d want in a lightweight laptop. It’s rediculously thin, has a beautiful 4K display, a powerful processor, and an impressive battery life that can last most international flights.

Buy Now: $999

TAG Heuer Khaki Aquaracer

There are few watches more versatile than a rugged diver. Wear it on a weekend hike, wear it while doing yard work or wear it to work with a suit — there is almost no place it won’t go. The TAG Heuer Aquaracer is a solid option with a 43mm case, Swiss quartz movement and a water resistance up to 300 meters. It comes with a military-inspired khaki nylon strap that matches its khaki sunray brushed dial. Functional, durable and surprisingly affordable, this watch is perfect for the dad who values a multipurpose timepiece.
Buy Now: $1,600

Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System

Brilliant portable hi-fi is actually still difficult to come by, but Shure’s newest system, which includes electrostatic noise-isolating earphones and a portable high-voltage headphone amp, is actually just that. It’s a gorgeous and efficient gadget, plus it can easily slot into your pocket.

Buy Now: $1,999

Napoleon Prestige PRO 665

For those aiming to grill with precision in mind, gas grills are very often the best choice, and Napoleon’s tricked-out PRO 665 gas model is about as functional (and pretty) as they come. The professional-grade grill sports eight separate burners to eliminate obnoxious hot and cool spots and enough grill space to accomodate 45 full-sized hamburgers. A bevy of temperature-control options are bolstered by a built-in wood chip smoker, infrared rear and side burners that reach up to 1800 degrees and a unique stainless steel grate setup. When all is said and done, you’ve got what might be the most advanced gas grill money can buy.
Buy Now: $2,999

TAG Heuer Autavia

Autavia combines the spirit of the 1960’s with contemporary styling. With a 42mm steel polished case and a black rotating bezel, three large, snailed white counters this automatic chronograph is understated and classic. It is water resistant up to 100 meters and comes with a polished steel bracelet and date window.
Buy Now: $5,450

Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper 29

Specialized just keeps upping the ante on what the Stumpjumper is capable of. With out of this world suspension kinematics and amazing handling, this bike will make Dad look like a pro.
Buy Now: $9,500